Most popular blog posts for the week

Dear Friends,

Ananth V

With the start of the new week, here are the top 7 most popular /read posts during the previous week:

1. Google Business Group: LIVE Presentation by Ananth V – Mumbai Event: ROI On Social Media for BRANDS

Google Business Group Mumbai event pictures and highlights:

It’s always exciting and fun to attend events as a Speaker, especially when you have corporate professionals and business owners as the audience, since the interactions are always higher and usually extremely engaging.

ROI on social media by Ananth V Google Business Group Mumbai

Google Business Group Mumbai ROI on Social media

The event was from Google Business Group in Mumbai at Mithibai College on 21/12/2013 and the event pictures were covered by The Indian Networker and the topic was “ROI for Social media for BRANDS” by me (Ananth V) and all I had actually prepared for, was merely the presentation slides. WHY? Well, because for a topic like this, one really can’t prepare too much as it would depend on the “queries” and the engagement that the audience does with you during each slide.

So, a sincere thanks to every participant for making the presentation very interactive and engaging with rich sets of questions. – Read the complete post of the event highlights here – Google Business Group: Mumbai event: ROI on Social media: Speaker Ananth V Click here to read

ROI On Social media for BRANDS by Ananth V – Google Business Group Mumbai LIVE presentation event

2. Life and it’s journey towards happiness:

Life and it’s journey towards happiness

ananth v life happiness

I recently read this line on a friend’s facebook positive share for the day:

 “Only a mousetrap provides FREE cheese. Happiness is a choice of life. Your very own choice.”

Very true. Everything that is worthwhile has to be always worked sincerely towards, for it, to be worthwhile. There are no free lunches in life.

Read the complete post here: Life and it’s journey towards happiness

3. Mumbai Auto show

Dear Friends,

There was this spectacular Auto-show in Mumbai that I had been to recently few weeks ago and the collection of cars, luxury sedans, convertibles, sports cars, super cars, bikes and many other movie memorabilia were simply spectacular.

Probably the best I have seen so far in Mumbai, India recently.

Thought of sharing few pictures clicked during the show with all of you here.


Read the complete post here: Mumbai Auto show

4. Kings are made, not just born

Kings are made,not just born” Do You BELIEVE in those words?

(Check out Sample chapters at AMAZON – A wonderful reading for Young Adults & Teens)

Kindle amazon fiction ebook Kings are made not just born

Kings are made not just born

For those who love reading Fiction on Kindle – Written specially for the age group of Young Adults and Teens

Check out some interesting Book trivia, character and story snippets, plots and more…..

Kings are made not just born Anamon Jungle

Read the complete post here: Kings are made,not just born

5. Live for the little things that matter: Mumbai Life

Live for the little things that really matter

Love Ananth

In this fast paced world we rarely find those moments, those precious moments of which we read about in novels or watch in movies. I am talking about those moments that really take our breath away.

No, I am not talking about people getting married, having a baby or moving into their new homes. They are huge life changing events. I am talking about much smaller things and those simpler moments, those simple everyday moments wherein kids enjoy the sound of the birds, couples share a bus or train journey together, parents go to the movies with their kids. Its so rare these days. Or may be its just me…..I don’t know…..

Today all I can see are kids running their little angel like fingers across their iPads or PS3 which have become idolatrous doting for them while they are sitting in their homes wherein the grandparents are busy watching their favourite soap operas on television that run stories of deceit, swindling characters, retribution plots in plenty and more such depressing concepts that would do nothing more than cause eternal perdition to the mind and finally the younger couples in the house who are most often found sitting separately in different rooms or much worse in the same room with one working his blackberry and the other working on some work related email on her laptop.

Read the complete post here: Live for the little things that matter

6. New Year resolutions and power steps to achieve them:

Yes, it’s that time of the year again when majority of the world is ‘listing’ their ‘New Year Resolutions’ by starting the headline as “WELCOME 2014 – New Year Resolutions“.

Well, I am for sure one of them. I had planned Eleven resolutions for 2013 and was lucky enough to have achieved Seven of them in 2013.

New year resolutions 2014 happy new year Ananth V

Have a wonderful week ahead.
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Be Well.
Ananth V
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