Social media marketing for brand reach and ROI

Social media marketing for brand reach and ROI

Social media marketing when planned systematically and strategically can generate ROI for your business and real value-add for your end users – Yes, it’s been done by us. ~ Ananth V”

That’s right, over the years, we as an agency (Digital marketing agency – Techdivine Creative Services) have generated ROI, brand reachOnline PR campaigns, SEO integrated social media brand reach campaigns etc across industries and countries. We can today proudly say, that yes, generating ROI for business and brands is a real deal with the appropriate use of the correct social networking platforms across the right set of targeted users.

But having said that, let me also share that, with the correct social media marketing campaign, not only the brand benefits with a goal based or focused ROI, but also, the end users or the customers using such media have expressed real value-add in terms of product and service understanding and the fact that they feel more loyal towards the brand and most importantly feel a real connect in terms of brand trust too due to humanized digital connect or engagement over a period of time.

ROI with brand trust & loyalty is something every corporate brand or business craves for and we have been able to deliver it across varied campaigns and industries over the years with a set of strict rules, process and ideas that have been well planned, executed and measured constantly.

Read Social media marketing case studies and proven strategies from team at Techdivine –

So I took this opportunity today to – “SHARE few of our process, strategies, ideas” for readers interested to know about the same:

– First and foremost: Know Your SMQ as in, know your BRAND’s Social media quotient in terms of the ‘real’ need of the campaign and the feasibility of running such campaigns by measuring and clearly understanding the brand goals, brand ROI needs, available resources, content etc and only then plan a social media results based campaign either using the in-house team or via a digital marketing agency and with the customized social media marketing campaigns to suit your business needs.

measuring social media for brands

– Make sure to follow the Key BRANDING Rules online: Few of them are listed below:

  • Brand managers today have been placed at a position, more accountable than ever before.
  • For implementing BRAND Campaigns online, the core needs to be always on the Brand goals and not the sites or tools or techniques of implementing it.
  • Responsibly use the available platforms after properly analyzing them and understand clearly the technology available through those online social networking site platforms before placing your brand on it.
  • Today, with the massive reach across over millions of users online, the key is also on the timing behind the appropriate use of these media.
  • Always add a face to your voice, whatever be the platform you are using. Let people know, who they are interacting with.
  • Most importantly, understand that the platform is not to “sell” but to connect and in the engagement process, eventually, sell.
  • Privacy, content, IP’s are to be clearly showcased across platforms. Reusing of your content, selling it for commercial and such other interests of third parties should be made very clear about.
  • Better safe than sorry. Always understand that what is once online, stays online. So make sure, the information you are showcasing online, is something you can afford to be shared by all those you know and those you don’t and all that, in just a matter of seconds.
  • There needs to be a sense of great responsibility too, make sure your team working across online campaigns understands and implements the right tone and message that your Organization has built over the years as part of your campaign.
  • Respond: Whatever may be the conversation happening around you, about your brand or organization, respond positively. In case of any dissatisfaction expressed about your product or service respond with utmost sincerity and get to the root cause behind complains at the earliest. Address it and provide proper responses unless the feedback or comments are repetitive by an individual whose nature and online characteristic seems to be disruptive and destructive in general. Make sure, you learn to ignore and at the same time create a back-end system to resolve an intentional and unwanted negative comment or feedback from a user online. Remember, you cannot change people, you can only channel them your way.
  • Your in-house team and any agency that’s part of the campaign and working together, need to work towards the campaign with the common goal of ‘elevating the brand’ and not each others skills or tools. If that is the case, then neither of them have remotely understood the idea behind social campaigns.
  • Do not share personal information, especially of clients and members online under any circumstances. Always keep your member groups moderated in terms of the content being posted.

Bottom-line: If you exist online or offline as a BRAND, there’s someone out there always talking about you. Be a part of the conversation prism.

Role of customer relationship manager in social media
Role of CRM in social media marketing

Ask yourself some important questions before taking your social media campaign LIVE. Few of them are shared below:

  • Can application of this media help me improve my business?
  • Is this safe to keep my brand protected and are there any brand monitoring tools or process integrated?
  • Is my organization willing to give the time needed to build the brand across multiple platforms?
  • If your organization is willing to engage in the technology tools of today, how can your team leverage your existing intellectual properties to further add value to your brand, product and service?
  • Finally, what do you tend to achieve with the social media marketing connect?
social media brand marketing
Is social media for BRAND you

Once you are able to answer these questions you can either set up a good team of skilled resources with a combination of strong marketing skills, analytical bent of mind who are technologically sound to run the campaigns for you or you can hire professional service agency to plan it as per your organizational goals.

Here is a presentation from one of my recent events at Google Business group in MUMBAI where I spoke about “ROI on Social media for BRANDS

ROI on social media for brands google business group mumbai Ananth V
ROI on Social media

You can also check out the ROI on social media for BRANDS – Mumbai event from Google Business Group pictures and highlights from the event too – Click here to read the complete article

At the end of the day, do understand, social media…..let me rephrase…. professionally planned and targeted social media brand marketing campaigns are never ‘free’. WHY?

Well, simply put, would you seriously want to hand over your BRAND to someone just because they are going to ‘run’ and be your ‘voice’ across millions of your customers because the service is cheap or free? I sure hope not!

Remember, in today’s world, your brand is valued as much as the efforts you put behind it. So enhance your brand reach, value and campaigns with well planned proven strategies.

For industry customized proven ROI based Social media campaigns, reach us now to know more about our Adwords offer & SEO integrated programs for Brands —>

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Branding is everything and it’s not a one time process. Plan your brand campaigns well…..

Have a wonderful connect and an amazing day ahead.

God bless and Be well

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Ananth V

Founder & CEO
Techdivine Creative Services

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