Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, KGAF 2014 is back in Mumbai

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival (KGAF) 2014 is back in Mumbai.

This spectacular Art festival started on February 1st and will be open until 9th February.

There are various events showcasing art in the form of sculptures, paintings, textile, handicrafts, dance, photography, cinema and lots more.

Here are few pictures I clicked at the amazing event (Clicked on Feb 2nd, 2014 using Samsung Galaxy Grand Mobile Phone)

kala ghoda arts festival
KGAF Mumbai 2014
dreamweavers mumbai
KGAF 2014
dream weavers of mumbai
dream weavers
kala ghoda arts festival
Snow cone machine KGAF 2014 Mumbai
kala ghoda arts festival
Art Trisomy
kala ghoda arts festival
Ever changing Life
India Freedom Illusion
India Illusion
the great indian nod namaste
NAMASTE The great Indian Nod
bottle mountain
Bottle mountain
green house bottle mountain
Bottle Mountain KGAF 2014
Kala Ghoda Black Horse
Mascot: Kala Ghoda: The Black Horse
Ananth V
Ananth V
Flora Fountain Mumbai
Flora Fountain Mumbai
unsafe touches
Unsafe Touches
ananth  kala ghoda arts festival

kala ghoda arts festival kala ghoda arts festival choreographed shadows pottery at Kala Ghoda sachin tendulkar KGAF 2014 20140202_115822 copy 20140202_115920 20140202_120053 copy 20140202_120205 copy 20140202_120215 copy 20140202_120332 snow cones mumbai KGAF 2014 urbino urbino gold money power politician corrupt pollution of democracy kya popat banaya kgaf 2014 kya popat banaya 20140202_121205 copy 20140202_121235 copy kala ghoda arts festival art trisomy postal service 20140202_121814 copy 20140202_121819 copy kala ghoda arts festival 20140202_121930 copy way view kgaf 2014 capturing reflections mirror bollywood mumbai KGAF 2014 ever changing life 20140202_124523 kala ghoda arts festival 2014 mumbai art festival 20140202_125209 20140202_125346 copy kala ghoda arts festival 20140202_125429 copy 20140202_125948 copy 20140202_130003 copy 20140202_130018 copy India Women Respect 20140202_130225 copy imbalanced justice 20140202_130331 copy 20140202_130346 copy 20140202_130856 copy 20140202_130920 copy 20140202_131041

Do you have some interesting images, highlights of the events, details or story about your KALA GHODA 2014 to share with me? Feel free to drop in your comments here.

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Ananth V

Founder & CEO
Techdivine Creative Services

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