Branding key rules

Branding, key rules

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Branding is a core aspect of any business, whether a large corporation or a business individual or a professional. Branding is everything when done right!

Today, corporations spend millions of dollars in every economy to make sure their BRANDS are being effectively managed. They mostly end up running their brand campaigns with the following three ideas in mind to begin with:

– Reach across a massively large audience

– ROI on time and resources invested

– Branding using the websites and social media optimally

Branding as a campaign needs to be planned strategically and with a sincere and clear idea to add real value to end readers and consumers. The fact remains, people online or offline, have always wanted to “engage” with the brands they trust. The irony being, ‘brands’ themselves strive every time to ‘make’ users engage with their brands.

So how does this ‘gap’ occur, i.e the consumers ‘need to’ engage versus the brands efforts to ‘make’ consumers engage with their brands? They both are after the same thing right? Then why does it not happen the way it is supposed to?

The main reason for this wide gap, seen especially  across the social media platforms where brands make a desperate attempt to connect with the consumers are that they talk to the brands as if they are only companies and nothing more who is listening to their prospects or customers.

This is where the gap occurs. Even as a BRAND, you need to give it a human face, let the people know that they are interacting with an ‘individual’ who really cares about what they think or need. It also should be shown in their communication efforts too. Every business has the ability to become ‘iconic’, but only with a vision that involves vivid product and brand positioning coupled with a power packed customer focused approach and the ability to truly deliver on their promises.

Here are some pointers that have worked wonders for the brands that we have worked with over the years –

Focus: Be very clear  on what you tend to achieve from your social media or BRANDING campaign, whether online or offline.

– Clearly define your GOALS

– What does your BRAND need to achieve and across which audience.

Remember, websites do not define your branding strategy. Success of a branding campaign depends on the sincerity with which your content reaches across a larger audience regularly with a clear intention to add real-value to end users. Branding is not a one time process, it is a constant effort to make a difference positively across prospects and end consumers. Be a solution to their problems and do it with a ‘face’. HUMANIZE your brand.

Content: Many times, Corporations plan a power packed campaign with tons of creative ideas, huge resources in terms of money and efforts, but fail to realize that they lack the necessary content that is in sync with the branding strategy. Content is KING. There is no doubt about it. So before you plan and get ready to execute any branding campaign, make sure your content (RELEVANT Content) is ready to be shared across a large audience and to be consumed at a rapid pace too.

LISTEN: Branding strategy is not always about “talking”. Many times it also requires one to LISTEN to what consumers are saying and LISTEN to what your own BRAND is talking about.

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