Life, success, miracles and YOU

It’s not the size of the MAN in any FIGHT….its the SIZE of the FIGHT that’s in that man….. WILL is everything. Either you do it, or you don’t…..there is no TRY.

Life success ananthv

Miracle is not scoring the highest marks in your exam papers or getting that big promotion or buying something that you never thought you could afford, those are real hard work coupled with efforts and the right timing of things in your life. Whereas, real Miracle is a single mother bringing up her kids all alone, an infant trying to get up even after falling down a million times without giving up hope, a teenager saying NO to drugs or alcohol and each of us doing the RIGHT thing at all times.

You might choose to Vote. Your candidate might win, but at the end of the day, it’s what YOU do when you are out in the streets that makes all the difference.

The only thing you need to keep asking and reminding yourself is “remember why and how you got STARTED”. Always be passionately curious.

Your current SUCCESS is measured by the things you had to give up to acquire the things you have with you today. But when the lights go off, you will measured by the Legacy you finally leave behind.
– Did you become all that you are capable of becoming?
– Did you achieve your dreams while all around you thought you were chasing illusions?

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Be Well

Ananth V


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