Power posts on Management, health, food, technology and marketing

Power posts on Management, health, food, technology and marketing from around the world: My top picks this week

Ananth V

1. Management: The secret to delegating: By Miki Agrawal

2. Health: The most lethal animal in the world: By Bill Gates

3. Food: Sneak peak into the world’s best restaurant, NOMA: By Julie Zeveloff

4. Technology: Mobile printing is here with this pocket-printer – Zuta Labs

5. Marketing: What makes the best Infographic so convincing

6. Star Wars Day is nearing: Begin the celebrations with these creative “Storm troopers”

7. Power post with in-depth consumer insights and analysis: Marketing with Social media and consumer insights: By Ananth V


1. The secret to delegating – By Miki Agrawal

Miki Agrawal Secret to delegating Management tips
Miki Agrawal Secret to delegating

“Our mutual friend just introduced us to the guy who was the former COO of Victoria’s Secret!”

My partner and I looked at each other with excitement. And then we thought: which of the two of us should follow up with this brilliant new contact, who was best to network with him?

As my business partner Antonia and I work hard every day to grow THINX, we have run into the same issues over and over again: who is going to manage which relationship? Since we’re good friends, initially we both wanted to meet every awesome person together and both build relationships with everyone. Meeting new, smart people is always fun!

We came to realize very quickly: This doesn’t work. It’s too much to manage. It wastes precious time (and time, as we very well know, is the greatest non-renewable resource we have, especially for a young company). It can also get confusing (aka become a clusterflock) for two people to manage one relationship for the other party.

How to Divvy Up and Delegate

Our solution? To truly understand and agree on each of our roles in the company and then see which relationship is best nurtured by which partner……….   Read the complete article here: Click here to read the Secret to delegating by Miki Agrawal

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2. Health: The most lethal animal in the world: By Bill Gates

Infographic Health Blog by Bill gates worlds deadliest killers
Blog by Bill Gates

What makes mosquitoes so dangerous? Despite their innocuous-sounding name—Spanish for “little fly”—they carry devastating diseases. The worst is malaria, which kills more than 600,000 people every year; another 200 million cases incapacitate people for days at a time. It threatens half of the world’s population and causes billions of dollars in lost productivity annually. Other mosquito-borne diseases include dengue fever, yellow fever, and encephalitis.
There are more than 2,500 species of mosquito, and mosquitoes are found in every region of the world except Antarctica. During the peak breeding seasons, they outnumber every other animal on Earth, except termites and ants. They were responsible for tens of thousands of deaths during the construction of the Panama Canal. And they affect population patterns on a grand scale: In many malarial zones, the disease drives people inland and away from the coast, where the climate is more welcoming to mosquitoes.

Considering their impact, you might expect mosquitoes to get more attention than they do. Sharks kill fewer than a dozen people every year and in the U.S. they get a week dedicated to them on TV every year. Mosquitoes kill 50,000 times as many people, but if there’s a TV channel that features Mosquito Week, I haven’t heard about it.

 Read the complete post here: World’s deadliest killers: Blog by Bill Gates

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3. Food: Sneak peak into the world’s best restaurant, NOMA: By Julie Zeveloff


Worlds best restaurant NOMA
NOMA restaurant

To eat the radish, soil and grass, diners must actually pluck the radish out of malt soil and dip it into a creamy sauce

Pike perch and cabbages, verbena and dill NOMA best restaurant
Pike perch and cabbages, verbena and dill.

Pike perch and cabbages, verbena and dill.

Read the complete article with all the delicious pictures for the entire meal, click here: Food: Sneak peak into the world’s best restaurant, NOMA: By Julie Zeveloff

4. Technology: Mobile printing is here with this pocket-printer – Zuta Labs

Finally! Mobile printing is really here! A printer that goes where you go & prints from your phone on any size page! The future is now!

Mobile printing Zuta labs
Mobile printing Zuta labs

Everything today has gone mobile. Thanks to our smartphones, tablets and laptops we can leave our office while staying fully connected by doing work on the go. Well, almost…

There is one device that got left behind and seemed to miss the “mobile revolution train”-

The Printer.

Mobile printing Zuta labs
Zuta Labs Mobile printer

Check out their website – Mobile printing is here with this pocket-printer – http://www.zutalabs.com/

Check them out on Kickstarter: Zuta Labs: Mobile printer

5. Marketing: What makes the best Infographic so convincing

Management best infographic HBR Harvard Business Review
HBR Harvard Business Review

A great infographic is an instant revelation. It can compress time and space. (Good gosh – Usain Bolt is that much faster than all the other 100-meter gold medalists who’ve ever competed?) It can illuminate patterns in massive amounts of data. (Sure, we’re spending much more on health care and education than our grandparents did. But look how much less on housing.) It can make the abstract convincingly concrete. (Which player was ESPN’s SportsCenter most discussed during the 2012 football season? Tim Tebow — and by a colossal margin. Seriously?)

These intriguing revelations come from a short trip around The Best American Infographics, 2013. Spend serious time poring over graphs, pie charts, bar charts, flow charts, timelines, interactive diagrams, maps, cut-away diagrams, and narrative illustrations, as Gareth Cook did to compile the collection, and you’ll come away with more than your share of these mind-bending moments – and a wide-ranging view of what infographics can do. A Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist, Cook is a regular contributor to NewYorker.com and Scientific American Mind.

Read the Complete article on HBR: Harvard Business Review: What makes the best infographic so convincing

6. Star Wars Day is nearing: Begin the celebrations with these creative “Storm troopers”

Star Wars day is coming up…just around the corner…. May the 4th be with you 🙂

Star wars day stormtrooper
Storm trooper Star wars day

Storm Scooper_b

Read the complete article here: Stormtroopers – Star Wars Day – Click here for creative images – News & Img Src Mashable

7. Power post with in-depth consumer insights and analysis: Marketing with Social media and consumer insights: By Ananth V

Marketing with social media consumer insights by Ananth V
Marketing social media consumer insights Ananth V

Branding has since ages been an integral part of every corporate strategy and over the decades, organizations have invested heavily to make the best of the available branding tools for communicating news and information about their products and services with consumers and prospects.

Recently, with the advent of social media marketing as a powerful tool, brands have embraced social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc as not merely a medium to communicate, but as a core strategy and process to engage consumers and increase brand reach.

Even as I am writing this blog post, I am referring to the case studies of our digital marketing agency (Techdivine Creative Services) to understand better and learn from them about which tool or process worked the best for majority of our clients as a branding, sales, lead generation, SEO tool for varied corporate brands across different industries. As I kept reading each case study repeatedly, it finally struck me that irrespective of the final customization of social media marketing that our company has provided for different brands, one thing was common in “our ROADMAP strategy approach” under our in-house marketing process of “Your SMQ ~ Social media quotient“, i.e. for more than 90% of the said case studies, we approached each social media marketing campaign with a core single idea of “Humanizing the BRAND“.

So even though each client’s campaigns were designed and implemented from our company based on their requirements of their specific “Organizational goals”and at the same time were thoroughly customized, we kept the idea to connect users and prospects with the respective brands at a humanized level at all times.

This is what gave us the edge to have real-time brand conversations, loyalty of consumers were stronger since they felt and realized that they have “known about the brand” way prior to making a decision to purchase from the brand.

This in turn brings us to a very important aspect of the term “BRANDING”.

It is never merely BRANDING that really appeals to users, but the process within, that helps them actually converse with the brand on a personal level.

Also, our case studies and daily experiences told us that every time an end user or a prospect has really connected with the brand, they end up not only purchasing from the said product, but also recommending the brand to others.

We then did a small research with a group of 100 of our readers with following Demographics: We got feedback from 63 readers on the same:

DETAILS of the research:

Cities: Mumbai, Delhi, Kanpur, Chennai, Bangalore, USA (Chicago, New York), UAE (Sharjah & Dubai), Singapore & UK: London, Birmingham
Age groups: 15 – 50
Male to Female: 1.17:1
Education: High school students, College Graduates, Undergrads, Professionals & Doctrate professionals
Industries we analyzed using these consumer insights: Fashion & Retail, IT, Automobile, Hospitality Restaurants, MLM Business, Industrial products, Banking, Investment and Finance, NGO, Event management, Infrastructure, Personal Branding and or Celebrity Branding, Publishing (Print and Digital) and Sports.
From our research, we were further able to understand the “WHY” behind “WHY some messages have a powerful impact to readers or prospects” and to what type of “Communication, Images and Incentives” do users have a higher probability to respond to a call of action etc.

Most importantly, it also gave us a powerful insight into “WHAT type of messages, or ideas or incentives can backfire too when shared with a certain demographic of users” which helps us to understand core behind making BRAND monitoring an important aspect of any social media marketing campaign. At the end of the day, it is this ‘connect’ that helps your brand engage in real-time and have a relationship with your prospect or end user.

Read the complete report here: Marketing with social media and consumer insights: By Ananth V

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