Batman day: Two years ago today, is why I celebrate Batman 75

On this day, two years ago (July 2012) I was on my bed trying to come to terms with a sudden mishap that had occurred in my life.

Doctors had advised complete bed rest for a period of 3 months followed by least amount of physical strain and activity for 5-6 months following the bed rest period.

I was 30 years old, at the peak of my career with my own digital marketing company Techdivine Creative Services and we had just touched another milestone by catering across 12 different industries for 20 brands in 3 countries since our launch in March 2010.

I was lying down shocked and dazed in a motionless state and had no clue on how to react. I simply laid still and closed my eyes trying to focus on any and all possible constructive outcomes from this event. You know…. as they say, ‘look for a silver lining in the cloud’.

15 minutes had passed and I was blank at this botched episode in my life with sheer dismay failing to see even a single encouraging aspect in the darkness that was engulfing me with no prior intimation.

It is always in the most outlandish ways that one finds solace or a glimmer of hope whilst feeling as though we are reaching deep down the abyss.

Well few days had passed, I was trying to read through an official report from a recent marketing campaign as I was shifting in my bed uncomfortably laying down facing the ceiling. I noted down few changes on my tablet’s notepad after which I called up my team member, had a concall with my creative, SEO and blog team and we got the campaign live with a final approval from our client. It was beautiful and we got some wonderful feedback for the same too. I was glad that I was able to work even though laying still in the bed. (Thanks to Tablet PC)

Just then I experienced a shooting pain on the side of my ribs and I let go of the Samsung galaxy tablet that was on my hand which I was holding straight up facing the ceiling as that was the only position I could lay down.

I guess at that said moment, I must have accidentally clicked on some advertisement on an app, when I heard a soundtrack with a voice-over. After a few minutes of recovering from that intermittent pain, I took the galaxy tablet back in my hand and looked at it. There was a video on the screen that was playing a flashback from the first series of the movie in the trilogy series:

Why do we fall Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up


I played that clip and it was followed by a video clip of Christian Bale trying to stand in the upright position after a fight with bane who breaks his back in the trilogy movie (Christian Bale who played Bruce Wayne – BATMAN in Nolan’s final trilogy “The Dark Knight Rises” ). That scene was followed by a theatrical sequence of Batman quoting “I have not given them my everything, not yet”.

TDKR3 (9)



It seems such a cliché to hear those words in a superhero movie, but being a huge batman fan myself, it suddenly surged something in me. I found a new ray of optimism to get myself well again quickly and there was a voice….my own voice from my childhood that told me, ‘come on even Batman got his back broken by Bane and he is still fighting. Get up, now! Give it everything you got’.

When I think about it now, those days of trepidation and dismay two years ago, it sounds like a kid living in a fantasy world hearing things from a superhero movie (probably the heavy medication did a lot of trick too), but at that point of time those words somehow had a profound effect.

I dodged the 3 month bed rest period and took my first steps out of my house even though only for about 5 minutes or so, on the 57thday.

For me, superhero movies and comic books have always been more than just entertainment and or a distraction. I was always an artist at heart, so as a kid and a teenager after reading comic books for hours, I would sit and sketch them and create my own stories, comic book characters and put them together in a series of flip books.

These characters and stories gave me a great new way to look at things, problems and circumstances. They instilled the quality of “No, I won’t give up now, let me try it one more time.’

I have realized that even today they have the ability to bring out the best in us when we read it as a child would, i.e. with no prior assumptions or judgment.

For me, I still enjoy reading comic books as much as I enjoy reading classics, fiction and management books that form part of my routine especially during travel.


Everything in life has a positive and negative to it. It depends on YOU and you alone, about which side of life you would want to focus on.

What memory you would like to recollect from your past experience about yourself and about others that would finally decide your life choices, happiness quotient and future peace in your very own life.

Every memory can and has two sides to it too. Again, you need to decide which side you would like to see it from. That decides who and what you become.

Well, as for BATMAN day, it has its special meaning to me personally.

I thought of writing this article today, because one of my very close friends asked me yesterday ‘Why am I even saying out aloud that I am going to celebrate BATMAN day?’

My friend quoted with promisingly astounding sounding adjectives, ‘Ananth, you are a brilliant guy, a tech wizard and a digital marketing mastermind. Don’t say it out loud to the world that you are celebrating BATMAN 75 or BATMAN day. It sounds kiddish’.

The smirk on my face said that there was more to it than what meets the eye to which I was then asked to write a post about it by that same friend. I was told to, ‘Write about: Why am I celebrating BATMAN day’, just like kids would be given a topic in their schools and asked to write. 🙂

So here it is, during my fifteen minute lunch-break I am putting together few words backed by my personal experience from just two years ago, that made me say out loud, that yes, I am celebrating BATMAN day today.

Are you?

Have a wonderful day ahead.


Life has a way of balancing itself!

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Ananth V

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14 thoughts on “Batman day: Two years ago today, is why I celebrate Batman 75

  1. I was a witness to your fall in health and your “Rise” back to being fighting fit. I absolutely agree with you that comics are more than a means of passing the time and they can trigger in you a plethora of emotions. “Everything in life has a positive and negative to it. It depends on YOU and you alone, about which side of life you would want to focus on.” I think you should put up this amazing quote in a frame accompanied by some inspiring artistry! Keep reading! 🙂

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