Robin Williams, may you truly find peace

Robin Williams, may you truly find peace

Nano Nano Mork from Ork Robin williams
Mork from ORK

I have never felt so strongly and have never been so emotionally attached to an ‘Actor’, especially since I have never met him….but let’s face it. Robin Williams is not just another actor. He is by far the greatest talent and powerhouse of energy and epitome of sheer creativity I have ever seen. So, when I heard the news today morning at 5:00 Am (IST), I was shocked and in utter disbelief.

Whenever I used to feel down about any aspect of life, I used to read comic books or watch cartoons or end up watching comedy shows. Without a doubt one of my all time favorites was “Mork and Mindy”. His phrases ‘Nanu, Nanu; Shazbot’ and his eccentricity as Mork the alien touched me and tickled my funny bone irrespective of the mood I was in. He was a man who portrayed plethora of roles with so much ease and grandeur that you became one with the story.

Nano Nano Mork from Ork Robin williams
Mork saying Nanu Nanu

I remember watching Patch Adams, Good Will Hunting, Mrs.Doubtfire, Dead Poets Society and so many more of his performances with excitement, but for me his most memorable roles will forever be “Robin Williams’ as Mork from Ork (Including his special appearance in HAPPY Days TV shows as Mork the alien meeting the humdrum Richie Cunningham played by Ron Howard), his amazing voice as the lovable Genie from Aladdin, Popeye and I could just go on and on here.

Robin williams Dead poets society
Robin Williams

robin williams Good will hunting

Robin Williams Popeye
Robin Williams Popeye
Robin Williams Genie Aladdin
Robin Williams Genie

His energized stream-of-consciousness with which he delivered some of the greatest comic lines of all time and his genius and brilliance of impersonating cultural references with one-liners that made more impact at times than the entire story line of a movie will forever keep him in all of our hearts.

Robin Williams
Patch Adams

THANK YOU for your immense talent Mr.Robin Williams. You will truly be missed!

Robin Williams OSCAR
Robin Williams OSCAR

Some of my very favorite QUOTES from ROBIN WILLIAMS:

Robin Williams Quotes:

  • Why do they call it rush hour when nothing moves?
  • No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.
  • You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.
  • You have this idea that you’d better keep working otherwise people will forget. And that was dangerous.
  • Comedy is acting out optimism.


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