hitchBOT a robot goes Hitchhiking in Canada covering over 3700 miles

HitchBOT, a robot built from household and salvage items, recently completed a journey across Canada covering 3,700 miles.

These are some of the really fun stuff hitchBOT has to say about itself (I would love to use the words himself or herself here, but it seems our friend hitchBOT is gender neutral though speaks with a female-sounding voice. So for easier understanding and to make sure that I do not hurt hitchBOT’s feelings, I am going to refer this amazing BOT as HB in the further sections of this post. WHAT! Robot’s can feel too!)

So here is what HB has to say in the website “ABOUT ME” section:

Everything you always wanted to know about hitchBOT, but were afraid to ask….

robot hitchBOT

About hitchBOT:

  • I love my family.
  • I don’t like…Too much water, wind, hail, etc. I am waterproof, but also only a robot.
  • Please be gentle… You can pat me or hug me, but please be gentle.
  • I am still practicing my human language skills…
  • I am an energetic robot, but… Sometimes I might run out of power.If that happens, please plug me into a power source.

David Smith (McMaster University) and Frauke Zeller (Ryerson University) – Frauke on wordpress are the two professors who dreamed of a robot who’d hitchhike across Canada and the resultant outcome was this amazingly cute little hitchBOT.

HB’s main body is made out of a beer cooler. LED panels light up HB’s face which is designed with a plastic cake saver. HB uses voice-recognition software to communicate with humans. HB also makes small talk in the car as they travel to the next stop hitchhiking.

My only question and concern at this point of time is: Can HB trust human’s to take care of it as it has embarked on this amazing journey!

I really hope that we, as humans do not disappoint and show HB the compassion we at times forget to sometimes even show to our fellow human beings. I mean, let’s face it, we can probably get over it… but how will a ROBOT?

Till we meet hitchBOT, have fun, keep exploring and stay safe.

Be Well

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