A case to begin all cases, my Fiction manuscript

A case to begin all cases, my Fiction manuscript awaiting your Reviews and Rating

Dear Friends,

Rashmi Bansal‘s e-publishing venture BloodyGoodBook has tied up with Westland Publications for giving budding writers an amazing opportunity to submit their Manuscripts for consideration.

It is then Rated and Reviewed by scores of readers across the globe and the best books among those are chosen for Publication, both as an ebook and as a Paperback.

I love writing and my First three Books have given me lot of boost to keep writing over the years. (My first three books, given below)

I finally ventured into writing the manuscript of my first Fiction for readers of all age group under the title of  “A Case to begin all Cases“.

I would be obliged if you could take your time out and Read my THREE Sample Chapters link here from BloodyGoodBook site and share your Reviews and Ratings of the same too.

Looking forward to your responses and feedback.

Have a wonderful day ahead.

Quick link to Read my Book and Rate it –

Click Here to READ FREE SAMPLE CHAPTERS A case to begin all cases

Fiction Suspense Thriller Crime story manuscript Ananth V A case to begin all cases
“A case to begin all cases” – Ananth V

Ananth V

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