5 Ways Google Is Changing SEO

5 Ways Google Is Changing SEO – ‘entrepreneur.com’


1. SEO is now more about building a brand than manipulation or trickery

2. Google is no longer just a search engine

Yes, Google started as a search engine and it continues to serve that function. But Google has also become the leader in consumer-facing, data-oriented projects. Knowledge Graph, which attempts to figure out what searchers want, quickly supply the information and anticipate the next questions, is one example.
3. Links are key, but for a different reason:

In every case, users arrive at your website through a “link.” for eg. Maybe he sees it mentioned on a blog. Maybe he found you on Twitter or Facebook.

4. The future is “Now.”
5. Approach online marketing with a “product” perspective.
Consider content as your chief product. Content can be a blog post, an ebook, a video, an email newsletter, an infographic or just about anything that’s going to be consumed by an audience.

Check out the complete post in detail here: http://www.entrepreneur.com

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