Running 150 different days to touch 400 kms in Mumbai

Running 150 different days to touch 400 kms in Mumbai during 6 months ~ Newbie Runner!

Keep running Ananth V Mumbai Puma
Keep Running

Off-late I have been an avid runner, especially after my recent two mishaps (Why I celebrated Batman Day link to post here & I had a brush with death today link to post here) I try to participate across as many Running and Marathon events as my time permits.

Yesterday was my 150th routine run and I officially tracked 400 Kms after running for a total of 150 days across 6 months in Mumbai. This averages about 2.5 – 3 Kms per run.

From even an amateur runner’s point of view, this is not an impressive number, I know! But what excited me was my discipline for running religiously and most importantly, skipping less than 30 days during these 6 months period.

Ananth V Running marathon discipline

Running helps me unwind and relax in a refreshing way and I hope to be able to continue the same in the coming months too.

My best timings have been 75 Minutes for a 10.55 Kms run in Mumbai so far and I am looking forward to pacing it up for the upcoming SCMM 21Kms run in Mumbai in January 2015.

I have always been a straight-edge as in, a non-smoker and non-drinker  which too has definitely given me an added boost and energy to pursue running with same zeal, energy and enthusiasm at all times.

I have not joined any formal training or running group but I still try to keep up to the extent I should, by running as frequently as I can. Sometimes I track merely 1.5 kms on days when I am in no mood to run and on other days around 7 – 10kms. My goal for the upcoming SCMM Mumbai run is 21 kms and all I intend to achieve from this first long run of mine is to be able to complete it without any injuries the first time and as for improvements in timing and pace, I am sure they would follow in the coming runs across other marathons and half-marathons!

I found myself somehow slacking in the past two weeks and giving excuses from running, so I thought of sharing this update as it would be a ‘public and open reminder’ for me at all times, to continue with the discipline of running whenever I can and as many times as I should!

Ananth V Marathon Madness Mumbai Aarey goregaon running and living
Ananth V

“The human body has limitations. The human spirit is boundless ~ Dean Karnazes”

Do any of you run (amateur, Pro…..) if yes, do share your experience of running with me here. Would love to hear from you. I am a beginner and would love to learn in this process!

Links of few inspiring PROS – Runners – Ultramarathon:

Have a wonderful week ahead.

Be Well

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