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Fiction Suspense Thriller Crime story manuscript Ananth V A case to begin all cases
“A case to begin all cases” – Ananth V

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Rajat Kumar Bhagat, forty one years old, wealthy, successful, achieved every goal superciliously and known for being indefatigable in each of his well calculated thought. He was always meticulous in his actions and known by his peers and superiors at his work place as a lawyer of high repute. He had handled 143 corporate lawsuits, amounting to a little over Rs.683/- Crores for his Company in just over a decade.
Life had changed over the past few decades and today Rajat lived with his loving wife Jhanvi and son Rajeev in their luxurious Malabar Hills house in Mumbai.

But life was not always so extraordinary for Rajat. It happened four years ago on Rajat’s 37th Birthday. It was on this day when his house got an unexpected visitor who handed over a WILL to him that led to chain of events which impacted his life including each and every individual around him in a manner that he could not fathom.

The Will promised Rs.144 Crores in assets to him and all he needed to do was take the journey from Mumbai to Kolkata to sign the documents. This small journey introduced him to people like Temur, Anamika, and Chinmay with many others who took every possible step to convince him one way or the other that giving up on the will would be the best thing he could do to save himself from the horrors of being unjustly accused with murder or worse even being killed.

With every step that Rajat took towards getting closer to acquiring the Will, he found himself more and more into the abyss of treachery, deceit and privy to secret grief’s filled with intimate revelations about his friends and family members. Rajat goes through a series of turmoil and emerges a changed man.


5 STAR Rated Reviews:


See what few of the other readers have to say!
Dr. Vaishali
Very well written. The 1st two chapters were excellent but the third one was really gripping. Loved those inbetween mentions like “fate had other things planned”, it gives us , the readers a sense of suspense.
Best wishes
Vasih N

Niyati Shinde
Interesting. Awaiting the rest of the chapters. All the best 🙂


Umesh Pawar

Very well written. I loved the synopsis and it grabbed my reading through the pages. Moves rapidly and across characters.

Why cant we read more chapters? Or is it downloadable?

For sure an exciting read. Good work.
Manisha Tiwari
Fast paced & has intense character and plots. Enjoyed reading it.
Raghav Iyengar
Excellent insights of the characters and plots. The characters feel very real. Though cutting down on few descriptions like food and location can boost the book a lot. Details of characters to remain intact, speaks a lot about their style and nature. Eg.Urgani commercials and food description can be brought down a lot and entry room, rajat, AK details as it is. Waiting to see the rest of the chapters. Story sounds exciting.
Sujit Naray
The intro 1st chpt and the third one were an exciting read. Second was a bit too long. Do shorten it if you can in places where descriptions can be avoided. Rest, awesome story, superb character and plots.
Poonam Jain
I felt as if I was in the story. Though would be great if you could consider editing the descriptions in few places like food menu. The start and plots are superb. Awesome story so far.
Rehan Kapoor
Nice work. This could be a novel that combines the intensity of fiction genre with the thematic richness filled with theatricality of literary fiction. Just cut down on descriptions in certain areas where it can be avoided and its a marvelous piece of work.

Gauri Salunkhe

Very well written. The first few pages literally took me through the book, it was as if we were part of the story. Loved the minute details and the era to era connect at the same time. AKB story, Rajat’s idiosyncrasies are all exciting to read.


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