Peter Drucker Global Forum 2014 will be held in Vienna

Peter Drucker Global Forum 2014 will be held in Vienna

Ananth V 6th Global Peter Drucker forum Vienna Management
6th Global Peter Drucker forum

The Great Transformation – Managing Our Way to Prosperity

The 6th Global Peter Drucker Forum Vienna, November 13 and 14, 2014

There is a broad consensus among economists that we enter 2014 in a period of limited economic recovery – even though it will be uneven by country and region and fraught with uncertainties.

A cyclical improvement of the global economy will provide an opportunity to address the huge structural issues that are still looming. They include: unsustainable debt levels, underfunded social security systems in the Western world, currency imbalances, increasing income inequalities, bloated and inefficient public administrations, and excessive short-termism in big business driven by a value destroying and outdated shareholder value philosophy.

Under the lens of the big transformation, specific subjects will be discussed in depth such as:

  • Does the practice of Management need fundamental change? What should it be?
    What is the common layer of management on which specializations such as Finance, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, and Human Resource Management should be based?
    How can Economics and Management be repositioned as complementary disciplines to create the conditions for change – at a macro level tightly coupled to the micro level where managers and knowledge workers create the future?
    What are the management skills and leadership competencies required to achieve continuous innovation and transformation within organizations?
    What is the value system that underlies managerial action? How to establish a new balance between economic and human values?
    What is the future of work? How can companies contribute to create job opportunities for the generations to come? Can we finally set free the human potential embedded in organizations?
    What are new organization forms that may be more adequate for an environment of unremitting change?
    How can digital technology be leveraged more effectively as an engine for innovation and future growth?
    How can public and private sectors collaborate to develop new management approaches for addressing transformational issues at their interface?
    How can policymakers in conjunction with key economic stakeholders such as investors, boards and top managers/executives, economists, and management experts create a new framework that overcomes short-termism and puts human capabilities, human capital and community back in the front line of long-term company valuation?
    What is the contribution of educational institutions (from schools to universities) to create a understanding of the vital role of Management and Leadership for business and non-business institutions and organizations (government, education, social security, civil society and non-profits)?
    What can we learn from agile small and mid-sized companies in terms of change-management and adaptability?

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Richard Straub

President Peter Drucker Society Europe

President Peter Drucker Society Europe, Director

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Aula der Wissenschaften/Hall of Sciences
Aula der Wissenschaften/Hall of Sciences

Aula der Wissenschaften/Hall of Sciences
Wollzeile 27a, Vienna, Austria

Speakers Bios & Abstracts

Gala dinner on November 13 at Vienna City Hall


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Global peter drucker challenge Ananth V award winner Vienna Austria
Lost in digital wonderland Finding a path in the global knowledge society Peter Drucker Challenge 2014

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