Global Peter Drucker Forum 2014: Highlights from Vienna, Austria

Global Peter Drucker Forum 2014: Quick Highlights from Vienna, Austria

I was excited to win First Place in this year’s GLOBAL PETER DRUCKER CHALLENGE 2014 from the 140 submissions across 36 countries and with that get invited to Vienna, Austria for a global event that would host some of the world’s most elite panels by Drucker Forum Europe – The Global Peter Drucker Forum 2014 (GPDF14)

Peter Drucker’s quotes, teachings, works have inspired me even before I got my management degree. But somehow, I was most touched and influenced by Drucker’s teachings about People and Life over the years.

Of the many quotes and words of wisdom from the Father and Founder of Modern Management (Peter Drucker) the interview and the quote that inspired me about life from him the most is:

“Life is built out of intangibles, filled with ideas and brands. Stepping back and letting fate move you, is sometimes a sound strategy. It then lets you open your mind to unlimited options and opportunities which you did not know were possible or even existed.” ~ PETER F DRUCKER

Here are some quick highlights from the award ceremony and the inspiring and profoundly influencing ‘Global Peter Drucker Forum 2014’: (GPDF14) – For a detailed post on the same (See links below at the end of this post)

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Ananth V Global Peter Drucker Forum Vienna Austria 2014 GPDF14
Interviewed by the iconic PETER DAY from BBC – Ananth V
Global Peter Drucker Challenge 2014 GPDF14 Vienna Austria Ananth V
Panel by Ms.Deepa Prahalad – Ananth V GPDF14 – Isabella

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MY Notes and Highlights from GPDF14 various sessions and panels through the 2 days:

The Strategic Goals: Drucker Institute:

–          DRUCKER 21: Drucker into the 21st century

–          INVENT: Creative Economy

–          Customerific: Use analytics and technology to improve customer experience

–          Backyard: Be a strong voice in the leading industries – Especially in the Supply chain and health care)

HBR: What would PETER DRUCKER Say looking at this event and the current scenario of today?  – Well, he would say, “I TOLD YOU SO!”

–          Growth comes from Innovation

o   Markets – Creating innovation

o   Efficiency innovation – Frees cashflow and reduces jobs – Idea is to create a balance between both

o   Sustaining innovation

– Finance has given us metrics through which we can measure success

– How to build an organization that can change as fast as change itself. – THE true question to the GREAT TRANSFORMATION – GPDF14

– Dynamics that change managers to true LEADERS: Embrace change, innovation and give the power back to each of your resources (the knowledge worker).

– Leaders fail to write-off the toxic mindset at times that costs them the path to a greater success. Change has to be identified and then managed well with discipline.

– Do not end up fiddling into margins. Celebrate innovation in the real sense of the term.

– The 51st percentile family is stagnating. The infrastructure is underpinning democratic capitalism.

– Capital today has become abundant and cheap. Efficiently invest in our people to become better.

– Lots of jobs today are commodity jobs.

– Concepts and theories influence people to an extent at times that we find them to follow those as rules blindly.

– Demolish the notion that takes us along misleading guidelines by blindly following paths.

– Our readers are often resellers of the idea.

– Build a platform where people can collectively work together. This is true innovation and growth.

– Never has innovation been cheaper and easier than it is now.

– Develop an internal capacity to recreate your innovative low cost products and services.

– High performance teams and individuals do amazing things to do the impossible.

– Great idea, great leader and excellent innovation are the crux of growth today

– Globalized with personalized user experiences is what showcases truly the age of transformation.

– A leader or an entrepreneur’s role is not just to create companies but job opportunities that encourage and build true growth. Everyone wants to grow and leaders today need to make it possible.

– We need to question the fact today whether are managers at the mercy of the external forces?

– There is a difference between doing the next thing right and doing the next right thing.

– Business is about FREEDOM. No wonder its called the FREEMARKETS.

– An amazing example of 11 year old who fought and proved that yes, she truly is a future work leader.

– Today we are in the new era, in an era of BEHAVIOR!

– Do something and make money rather than do something to make money.

– Value based missions – Map their aspirations with their task, talent, skill and yes, integrity.

– We are in the business of “HUMANIZING BRANDS” across digital platforms.

– Moral crisis of capitalism – For eg, Watsapp acquisition – is it really worth  $19Bn?


For complete set of pictures, notes, highlights from this amazingly spectacular Global event – You can visit any of these following links below:

Global Peter Drucker Forum. The learning is limitless!

You can view the complete set of PICTURE Gallery from the official website (these pictures are taken from the official website only) – You can view the complete detailed gallery of the GPDF14 event pictures here – PETER DRUCKER FORUM Website GALLERY – Click HERE

Pre-events and speakers reception, Day 1, Gala Dinner & Day 2- GPDF14

Photos by gerry rohrmoser

Have a wonderful weekend ahead.


Ananth V

Founder & CEO
Techdivine Creative Services

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