You will LOVE this inspiring short, funny, insightful life and management story

You will LOVE this inspiring short, funny, insightful life and management story

This is a very simple and yet interesting, funny and inspiring story. So I thought of sharing it with all of you today. You might have even read it somewhere before….. I loved it and I hope you do too.

The Snail, the spectators and the BIG DREAM!

Once there were a group of snails, 25 of them who were thinking of putting up a race to reach from one end of the road to the other. For most of them, it was about thrill, excitement and doing something totally radical, but for few it was about “going on to the other side, looking at a very different aspect and part of life and to start something new.”

The birds, few stray animals that were roaming nearby heard about this and laughed their hearts out. Each one of them said, its crazy to even try this out. “Why would you even want to do something as crazy and dangerous as this?”

One of the snails said: ‘We have heard there is an amazing new life on the other side of the road and we would like to see it for ourselves and yes, we are snails, so we would like to prove to ourselves that we can do this, go past the frenzy traffic, dodge the dangerous pedestrians and reach to the other side.’


The dog that was listening to all this laughed out loud mockingly and said, “hey little fella, I have seen the other side and there is nothing, believe me. You are wasting your time.”
A cat purred and said, “You will never make it, you will be squished even before you try to get off the footpath, let alone reach to the other side. I am a cat and I can go anywhere I want to, but I myself have never gone to that side of the road, I can see it from here… there is nothing but waste of time.”
A bird flew right above them and mockingly quoted, “Some lessons are learned only the hard way.”
Listening to them, of the 25 snails, 7 dropped out and quit even before trying.

Now the remaining 18 fixed up a date and started the race.

All these animals and birds came to see the race and also to ensure to have fun out of mocking these snails.
The race began and slowly one by one they started moving towards the road from the pavement.

The chants of “You will lose, this is all a waste, this cant be done, you are going to be squished, you are a snail” kept on roaring through the wind by these spectators.

Sure enough, slowly one after the other, the snails started to quit, some even had a panic attack and froze right there in the middle of the road.

As time passed by, there was just one snail who kept moving ahead. Even then there was a lot of mocking and disbelief and in fact the chants of “you can’t do it, quit before its too late” got louder than ever before but this little snail kept on moving.

Finally to everyone’s astonishment this little snail reached the other side of the pavement and yes, there was a fresh lettuce and just a little ahead there was a beautiful park right in front of it.


Now filled with shock, all the birds and animals who were mocking, rushed towards this little snail and started praising it. But the little snail paid no heed and took its lettuce and kept moving ahead towards the park right ahead.

Shocked and irritated, these animals yelled out to the other side where the rest of the snails were wearily and in utter disbelief resting, “hey, why does this snail not answer us?” and one of the other snails yelled back and said,

He is deaf, he can’t hear you!

Simple Life and Management lessons from this short story:
– If you want to do something inspiring, never wait for anyone’s approval, just go ahead and do it.
– There will always be people who will say “It can’t be done”. Don’t bother, it’s in their nature and you can’t blame them since most of these people are the ones who have never had any idea to even try something out of the ordinary.
– There will always be people like that cat who will say, “it is not worth it.” They are probably right too. As in, it might not have been ‘worth it’ for them. But you are not ‘them’. May be what you need is really out there.
– Those who can’t do, will always tell you it can’t be done. If history has taught us anything, it is that, “It is impossible only till someone makes it happen.”
– There will be always people surrounding you all the time. Its not necessary that they are here to cheer you. So sometimes it helps to be “DEAF” to things and ignore them. Most of the snails gave up finally because they were beaten up by the negative comments all around them whereas this little snail who finally made it, could not even hear a single word.

– Each and every one of the 25 snails started it off, the idea i.e but only 18 began putting it into action and out of which only one emerged on the other side. Many times, life is about challenges. The ones who go through that fire are not necessarily the best ones, but rather those, who wanted it the most.

“There is a difference between passion and commitment. Passion is doing things till circumstances permit and commitment is seeing it through, no matter what.”

– The same people who mocked you will praise you too. It is in their nature. People will hate you, mock you, love you, ridicule you, worship you, insult you, pull you down and place you at the pedestal and the best part is, none of it will have anything to do with you.

So always, make the progress that is necessary for you, take the steps needed, go ahead and do it and then move on to the next thing.

Never let ridicule affect you and never let praise get into your head.

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I loved this little story and I hope you did too. Feel free to share this with your loved ones.

Have an amazing weekend ahead.


Be Well

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