Glancing at life, the month that was…

Glancing at life, the month that was…

Rarely do we reflect upon life unless there is something that triggers an action which is considered usually being completely out of our control, something that rattles us with jolt and despair.

Well, the past two to three weeks have been so.

Routine life with ups and downs that included irrecoverable losses, with the passing away of two of my close friends, the week thus began.

One was among my childhood buddies and the other was an ex-colleague. Both were in the age group of 30-40 years of age. Shocking and awful, the feeling is, still….within….. and the loss, irrecoverable.

I lost one friend to the chaotic road side accidents in Mumbai and the other due to a sudden illness which had no symptoms of anything even remotely lethal. As I still see their faces flash before my eyes every now and then, I asked myself, “What does life mean? Why does it respond the way it does, so uncaring and so unloving most of the times?”

I kept pondering and then I heard about the tragic disaster that has hit Nepal, the earthquake and with the rising casualties the toll is now over 3,000 people.

My heartfelt condolences and prayers to the families of those affected by these disasters.

I sincerely pray that the loved ones we lost, may they find peace and for the ones they have left behind, may they be given strength to endure such irrecoverable losses.

Ananth V

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