Tips for a hassle free stay at the best hotels

Tips for a hassle free stay at the best hotels

It seems every year there are over 150 million travel bookings made online. It makes sense too, especially in today’s scenario where travel is a part of our routine and an integral part of our social, professional and personal lives too.

Being an ardent traveler myself, it’s quite safe to say that landing up at an excellent hotel can literally make or break your travel experiences of that trip. Let’s say for example you are looking for the best hotels in Mumbai, well, there are literally millions of them listed online. How do you then decide which ones to go for or to choose from the long list of hotels in Mumbai.

Well, there are quite a few things which have helped me plan my frequent travels and hotel bookings over the past decade across countries and cities and here are few that I feel might add value for you to plan your hotel bookings online hassle-free too.

Proximity – This is the most important factor when I book a hotel online. Let’s say for example, I am searching for hotel bookings in Mumbai and it gives me a long list that runs for over a hundred pages, the first thing I do is select the hotel that is closest to the airport or the place where I will be frequenting the most during my stay at that hotel. If you are traveling as a family, then you can probably search for the nearest landmark or tourist destinations and check out the distance from your hotel to that destination using a service like Google maps. In case your only travel is only going to be from the hotel to the office or the conference or meeting locations, then it would be wise to search on Google maps, the location which is closest to your transportation destination eg. Airports, Bus or train services so that you spend least amount of time and money for these unavoidable tasks.

In-hotel services – Once you have landed at your hotel, the next aspect that can ensure you have an amazingly delightful experience during your stay, are the hotel rooms themselves. Also, the in-hotel services like complimentary breakfast, free Wi-Fi (most important of all in today’s travel), laundry services, etc. makes a lot of difference. Make sure, before you book, you have a clear look and understanding of these services and also do ensure to check out the pictures of the rooms. Today, some sites even provide you with a video walk-through of the hotel rooms.

‘To and fro’ travel – Once you have reached the hotel, you obviously need to either roam about and check out some wonderful tourist locations or get busy with your official meeting travels in that city. Check out if the hotel provides complimentary shuttle services, do they help-out with booking to and fro travel for some additional cost for these are the minor things that will enhance your travel experience and make it blissful.

Change is permanent: A wise man once said, the only thing permanent in this world is change, so in case you are even a bit unsure about your travel plans, make sure to check the hotel refund and cancellation policies on the sites before you make your bookings online. Usually the sites give you links to the hotel’s website or a contact phone or email where you can reach, write to them and get all your doubts cleared.

Reviews and Ratings on the website – Having an excellent hotel room is always core to a happy and refreshing travel experience. Make sure to check out the reviews and the ratings shared by other users on the sites about hotels. It helps you to narrow down your search time by a huge margin.

Few other simple and yet important tips for a hassle free stay at the best hotels are to ensure you book correct time and dates, check-in and checkout times, the exact landing time, hotel pickup services etc

I hope you have an amazing travel and stay experience wherever you go. Most importantly, wherever you go, go with all your heart!

Be Well

Ananth V



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