Blissful in Jaipur, the beautiful pink city

Blissful in Jaipur, the beautiful pink city

I was in the beautiful pink city few weeks ago in Rajasthan’s largest capital Jaipur.

Hotels near jaipur airport are wonderful for their own merits, but if you really want to have a look at this city do check out hotels in the heart of the city too.

The architectural structures are either constructed using pink stones or are painted pink, well, that explains why it’s the pink city.

Hailing from Mumbai, based on my scores of travel over the years across countries and cities, I for one am always amazed when I see wide roads and I have to say, Jaipur has beautifully planned roads.

Two of my clients are from Jaipur, so they had ensured for me to check out some very specific locations when I was there and I am writing this post to share my heartfelt “Thanks” to them for their wonderful guidance through their friends who took their precious time out to take me through few exotic locations in this beautiful city.

I checked in to a nice hotel that had all the amenities one could ask for from a single traveler’s point of view, keeping in mind my two main requirements, internet and a very cozy hotel room where I could relax and yet at the same time work in peace too.

But as a family if you are travelling to this beautiful city, make sure to check out both, some fine dining options and at the same time for budget hotels in Jaipur for family holidays.

I for one as always, had searched for ‘hotels near Jaipur airport’ but do note, when you are searching for ‘hotels in central Jaipur’  and ‘hotels in Jaipur’, even though they sound like the same ‘search query’, the results would be quite different. Why? Because this city is quite an enormous place to cover, especially if you have planned for merely a day or two as part of your holiday trip, you need to spend few more days to really get a feel of this magnificent place.

Since I was traveling alone on an official trip, I could only visit few locations, but even those took my breath away. First one was the ‘Amer Fort’. This fortress palace is made entirely of sandstones and marble. The monolithic structure simply blows your mind away.

Few other places I thoroughly enjoyed were, the Rusirani village where one could simply unwind from the routine chaotic rubbles and troubles and for those who love to shop for handicrafts, this truly is an amazing place. The only thing that almost drove me crazy here was that I could just not connect to the internet

Then, there was the remarkably dazzling Rambaug palace. As for food, make sure to visit one of the local “Dhani’s” like ‘Nakhrali or Chokhi Dhani’ to have lunch, the experience of having food at these places is one for your lifetime memory. The hospitability of the people and their warmth is mesmerizing. I concluded my trip at the beautiful ‘Hawa Mahal’ or more popularly known as the ‘Palace of Winds.’

It is a strangely blissful city filled with loving people. Make sure to go with your friends and family and don’t make it an official visit like I did or you would end up visiting each place for just about an hour before you head to the next location.

Be Well

Ananth V


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