When travel experience becomes more than just a bargain in India

When travel experience becomes more than just a bargain in India

“The reality about transportation is that it’s future-oriented. If we’re planning for what we have, we’re behind the curve ~ Anthony Foxx”

I am an avid traveler. Of course, my work ensures I frequently keep moving from one place to another, but luckily for me, I do love traveling. Travel for me is a great way to unwind and or even catch-up on a book or a movie while on the go. There is so much that we can get done during long travel hours.

Moreover, being born and raised in Mumbai, India, ‘time’, for me is the most precious commodity that life can offer. So as part of my travel plans, I try to squeeze in as much and as many tasks that I can, to get the most out of it, both, official and recreational.

Now, having grown up in India, I have thrived on the concept of ‘paisa vasool’, since we see and hear about it every single day. Earlier, we used to hear people use this term which signifies ‘value for money’, for bargaining prices on clothes while shopping on the streets or on exotic showrooms, nowadays for online shopping and of course while going in and out of movie shows. Today, it’s so innate that we want value for money in every single aspect of our lives.

But, even the meaning of this term has undergone a great paradigm shift over the years. It’s not just a bargaining trait anymore; it’s about ensuring that you get value for what you pay for, even if it means paying a little more for a more luxurious experience, but it needs to be worth it.

Another important aspect that this concept has brought about over the years with rising incomes and with availability of better quality services and products is that, we expect more, better and faster with each passing day. Today, we are ready to spend crores of rupees for a house property if it feels like it’s going to deliver the peace, luxury and comfort that the growing urban youth of today are looking out for. People today want an experience which is worth that ‘moolah’. No wonder we have special movie screenings, high quality fabric of clothes that is stain-free with personalized stitching, dining experiences customized to your special occasions, smart-watches that take care of most of our routine reminder tasks, etc.

In other words, the concept of value for money has radically changed in a way that, it does not mean lesser price or a better bargain, or ‘CHEAP’ but in the true sense of the term, to give users an experience of their choosing, something that matches their expectations out of their rapidly rising lifestyle. iPhones and Harry Potter Books today, in India are sold out even before they are out on the stores, why, simply because people see value in it.

With the rapid strides in digital space, all of it happening in real-time, with user reviews and opinions shared across the globe with a single touch on their social apps, ‘the consumer of today is more aware of the brand’s value than the brand itself’. There is no denying this fact anymore.

So, it’s obvious that when products and services of better quality and an amazingly finer experience are given to users, they are always ready to even shell out a little extra for that product or service.

This is truer when it comes to travel, be it for work or for pleasure. No doubt, the places that you are planning to visit, the whole travel plan and itinerary needs to sync with your anticipation for sure, but the journey in the form of transportation plays a very crucial role in it. The transportation you choose defines your entire travel experience.

So what if there is a transportation service which has actually listened to our umpteen requests, most of which revolve around air travel in the form of more legroom, better food, better entertainment, more luggage space and its related options, wouldn’t we love to be a part of such a wonderful and luxurious travel too even if it means shelling out a little more money for such a fantastic experience.

No wonder the Lufthansa’s Premium economy flight video shared below seemed to be the perfect bargain and a real ‘paisa vasool’ offering, giving us a lot more space, comfort and service for just a little more. It has plenty of room to stretch out properly, a separate armrest (which is usually the most annoying part of air travel experience unless you are flying first class), more footrest etc.

http://premium-economy.lufthansa.com #LufthansaPremiumEconomy

The key word for transportation in the 21st is ‘choice.’ ~ Anthony Foxx

We as Indian’s have always had an exemplary quality of finding extra value in everything. This aspect has defined us to an extent that we as a country have been known to be able to build rockets for space which have won global accolades and we have created it for a cost lower than a high budget movie abroad. Our goals of cost-cutting and getting more done for less has run deep into our veins, so much that they have now become official “goals and tasks” among corporate heads ‘KPA’s’ today in the form of their roles and responsibilities.

We see stickers of ‘ X% Extra’ across almost each and every product that we consume today making our consumables product and packaging itself a lot more colorful. Public holidays are celebrated with great zeal among households because everyone knows that the shops from the roadside corner to shopping malls are going to offer that “EXTRA” for the same cost today. As a nation, this idea of ‘value for money’ has swept us away. ‘Paisa vasool’ for us is no longer merely just the right way to buy, but it is a way of life.

It’s always wonderful when we can take something back, which is more than just a bargain, may be a new learning, a new experience, a wonderful memory from a deal. Well, why not, it always helps us gain much more satisfaction from our experiences.

Have a wonderful day ahead.

Ananth V


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