See What Others Can’t See when you buy your next smartphone

See What Others Can’t See when you buy your next smartphone

When it comes to technology and gadgets, there’s always a rush, from users who want to check out or buy a new device, or more so, be among the very first and with that become the early adopters of the same.

Smart-phones today are the rage and yes, they have become a necessity for almost every mobile phone user out there too. But how do you decide which one to go for?

We spend endless hours on the internet, on mobile comparing websites, asking friends and peers for their opinions and checking reviews across social media sites too to check out which mobile phone should one go for.

Well, here is a simple checklist you could add while planning for your next smart-phone:
Reasons why a mobile phone should be in your wish list to begin with:

  • The first and foremost is the ‘processor speed and the RAM (memory) of the phone’. Better the speed and memory, better and faster is the phones performance. For eg. 1GB is great, but 4GB is simply awesome. And in today’s scenario with the increasing number of applications running simultaneously on our mobile phones, this becomes a core function and criteria while looking for that next favourite smart-phone.
  • A powerful graphics chip is another important requirement. High-end applications, games, even while browsing multiple pages on your smart-phone, having a powerful chip goes a long way today.
  • Storage space in-built. Scores of times, we download applications and soon enough we see that dreaded message on our home screen as we are installing another application – ‘You have run out of storage space’. So ensure your new smart-phone has an amazing storage space too. Do you remember the time when we used to feel that a 1 GB pen drive or a 2GB external hard-disk was all we would need? Now we have 5 TB and it’s still not enough to store our data on our laptops. Moreover, better applications with better performance and features require lots of storage space too. So, having that extra space similarly on your mobile phone would be a great feature to look out for.
  • Rear-end Camera: Did you know that clicking pictures using smart-phones is one of the most and highest used applications by users. With the rapidly increasing quality of “pixels”, better and bigger they are, the more awesome your output, as in picture quality will tend to be. So lookout for the shutter speed, lenses, and MP (mega-pixel) on your rear-end feature of the camera.
  • Front-facing camera: Internet speeds and broadband are zooming with pace each day. Soon enough we would be experiencing 4G too. With these telecom upgrades, we are experiencing increasing use of video calls using Skype, hangouts etc. But many times due to the lack of a front-facing camera or with poor quality of the same, the videos look distorted or blurry. So the smart-phone of the future needs to have a high quality front facing camera too.
  • Lenses and other features that amplify the quality of your images clicked and or even the view through the camera lenses. These are very different from the MP of the cameras. Better resolutions with better features to capture the mood of the scene with “auto-adjustment” or “light-sensitivity” are a wonderful feature today. For eg. If you are out traveling and its night time, you would like to capture the beautiful cityscape or a group of friends on a spectacular background against the night sky and its glimmering stars, we often find ourselves that the lack of light really dampens the quality of the images. So ensure that your camera has functions that can take care of the light sensitivity too to a great extent so as to be able to auto adjust to bright lights or low lights.
  • Wearable tech: Wearable tech is the future of gadgets and technology industry. Everything in our homes is now getting in sync with watches, mobile phones, TV etc. So when you have a smart-watch that can sync with your mobile that would be an added bonus for sure. For eg when I am out running early morning in the streets of Mumbai, I don’t have to bother about keeping my mobile phone in my hand or worrying about the earphones falling off or how am I tracking my running pace etc. once my smart-phone and smart-watch is in sync, I am already wearing it, aren’t I and it feels great.
  • What you see is what you get? Many times, we click pictures of fabric / clothing and we show them to our loved ones and they respond, ‘this is not the colour you told me you are buying’. Why? Because what we see in the pictures are different in shades when it gets photographed due to the way the white and yellow lights capture them. So what if there was a smart-phone that could deliver what you see is what you actually get? This is another important feature, to look for, a wonderful HDR technology in your phone.
  • Finally, if you are among the scores of users who have different mobile numbers (two may be) for different purposes, eg. Work and personal, a dual sim phone could be a core feature too.

Well, these should cover the core features that one might need from their next high-end phone.

I loved the features of the Asus Zenfone2 when I looked at the specs, functions, phone capacity, camera and so much more, including their reviews across sites. Do have a look at their YouTube video too. Asus Zenfone2 YouTube Video

Asus Zenfone2

I am sure you will have a wonderful connect ahead, when you see, what other’s can’t see.

Be Well
Ananth V


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