What your social media marketing team is hiding from you?

What your social media marketing team is hiding from you?

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What are you doing wrong, that your social media marketing team is not telling you?

The very first rule of social media: You talk about the ‘SOCIAL’ in it.

Why would anyone want to know who you are or what you do? Unless, what you do and who you are deeply influences or affects them….

The greatest pain area today for brands is that, ‘no one is telling us what we are doing wrong with social media’.

Today we are living in a world that has already shrunk into a global village. There is so much information, that we are past the scenario where we could discuss ‘information overload’.

It’s all about ‘relevant information’ which is easily accessible and about how the products and services would affect or benefit the end users. For this, you, as a brand, need to have a real content marketing calendar in place.

  • What should your content marketing calendar address?
    • Your posts about your latest products
    • Links to your website where there are best deals and offers
    • Content that might not be directly in sync with your brand, but does not seem too offbeat and if it is something that interests your end users, do ensure to add them to the calendar too
    • A big spot for “CONVERSATION” with your social influencers and brand ambassadors online.
    • Few minutes from your daily social calendar to engage your followers, fans, even others into real-time conversations
  •  How does a prospect or an end user perceive you online? – Do not SAY ‘WE’ stand for “XYZ”; instead, show it through actions as an organization, as a brand online.

For eg. lots of brands proudly displayed rainbow colors on their brand profile pictures recently across Twitter, Facebook etc to stand by their fans as the ruling for same-sex marriage was declared legal across USA.

How and what does your brand really stand for? Do you truly stand by your customers choices, both economical and social? Do your customers see you as a brand or a ‘face’ that they trust and believe in?…. to read the complete post: Click here

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