Empowering Shopping with Multimodality, Omni-Channel Approach for Omniscient Consumers

Empowering Shopping with Multimodality, Omni-Channel Approach for Omniscient Consumers

The purpose of a business is to create a customer – Peter F Drucker

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Social networking, social media and consumer research insights have become integral aspects of a brand and their consumers shopping experiences.

Brands today are so focused on whether they are trending on twitter, if they have more ‘likes’ on facebook and ‘x number of views’ on YouTube that the core aspect of business is lost somewhere in between. The idea and purpose of any business is without a doubt, to create a customer.

More customers result in higher volume of sales, better revenues, profits, which in turn would enable the business to invest and grow faster as they can then focus on better quality of products and more personalization.

The first and foremost approach towards planning a digital marketing or a social media campaign is “integrating what really matters to your end readers using tools that will help them consume that information in the least amount of time possible”.

In other words, content that is relevant and resourceful. Once done, they then need to ensure to create and or merge at-home and or in-store and mobile commerce shopping as one seamless experience.

There are mainly three aspects which need to be integrated to make or enable this process for the consumer of today.

  1. Multimodality, it explains the communication practices in terms of textual, aural, linguistic, spatial, and visual resources – or modes in which one can compose messages. Ensure that you empower them with small ‘gif’s’, may be a vine or an instagram video, relevant content in the form of a pdf that they can easily download.
  2. Omni-channel: Within this process, the systems of an organization needs to be fully integrated to provide consumer research insights simultaneously across various platforms. What’s more important is that, every member (staff) who will directly or otherwise be interacting and or engaging with the customer (online or offline) needs to have access to this information.

Eg. Let’s say, a brand has a system and or a process wherein a customer who has even if only once purchased their product, is given a card (physical or on mobile as an app) with an online user-id which he or she can access and or login on the company’s website while browsing for more products or even swipe or scan when they enter the in-store locations of the brand. Now as soon as the customer does this, when they are actually in-store; their previous transactions, purchases, including the browsing patterns and search done on their brand’s website is seen by the local employees accessing this information at the backend. This information is then shared with the salesperson immediately in case of an in-store walk-in, who then approaches the customer more confidently and offers a much more personalized experience of shopping.

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