Virtual running by Outside interactive allows to run at live events by using an app

Virtual running by Outside interactive allows to run at live events by using an app

It’s time to bring your race to the digital world!

Being an avid runner and having recently completed a total of 1,000 Kms of running in a time period of 20 months, I am always drawn to apps, products, news updates about running, especially endurance running events.

I try to participate in as many running events I can and to be honest, I sincerely enjoy the event experiences too!

I was scanning the virtual world for updates on running events and this unique organization and their app caught my attention.


virtual running by outside interactive

Outside Interactive was founded by Gary McNamee in 2011. After enduring yet another boring treadmill run in a typically harsh New England winter while in preparation for the Boston Marathon, Gary thought, “what if I could film the course and view it while I ran on my treadmill?” And just like that, Outside Interactive was born.

The app is called Virtual Runner


virtual runner

New Balance Falmouth Road Race Trailer

race virtual runner outside interactive
New Balance Falmouth Road Race Trailer

I agree, it cannot replace the real experience, well, nothing in virtual can, but think about it. For runners, now even the location is not a barrier anymore, who would have thought! And if, with increasing virtual reality models, video and realistic experiences, runners across the globe can share a moment of that glorious experience of running across the globe while at the comforts of their own home, it would be simply spectacular now wouldn’t it….. I sure think so!

Why, because for a runner, its not just about competing in an event, getting that medal or finisher timing, but like I said, “Sharing” that experience of being a part of something unique…. while still being able to run….it’s definitely better than missing a running event because of geographical constraints.

Like my all time favorite icon quotes, “Whatever you do, don’t stop and keep running ~ Dean Karnazes

On that note, let me put on my running shoes and gear up for an early morning run right now. It’s 4:30 am in India!

Look out for my check-in from my morning run on my Twitter handle @AnanthV9 in another 20 minutes or so….till then relax and have an amazing day ahead.

Do share your views with me on this. Would love to hear from all of you too.

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Be Well

Ananth V


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