There is no sincerer love than the love of food

There is no sincerer love than the love of food ~ George Bernard Shaw

I was back in Mumbai after a two week long trip filled with meetings and loads of work that was luckily very resourceful.

So, let’s just say, I was sincerely feeling very grateful that day when I came back home. So much that when one of my cousins called me that week to dine at their house, I got a little too excited and carried away and ended up inviting his family of four and also called up my parents (who also stay in Mumbai) and invited them too at my home for dinner that weekend which was just two to three days away.

Now, to be honest, since I spend most of my time traveling for work, I hardly eat at home. So learning to cook was never a priority for me. But like I said, I got carried away and thought YouTube could really guide me and even grant me the gift of “skill to cook” for seven people in just three days time.

Oh, I was so wrong!

It was Sunday and I was all geared up for cooking lunch that day. I tuned into YouTube and started following instructions and in the next three hours, woolah, I had completely messed up the food, the kitchen and not to mention freaking out as I was expecting guests for lunch in just another hour!

I was doomed.

And then it struck me.

Tiny Owl – I immediately switched on the app and looked for vegetarian restaurants nearby which had a wide range of food choices since of the seven of us, two loved Chinese food, three loved south Indian food and myself and my other cousin loved Punjabi food. I then filtered my search and the amazing Tiny Owl app showed me three restaurants closest to my home where I could order food for home delivery.

tiny owl food ordering app
Tiny Owl food ordering app

10 minutes before my guests arrived, the food was delivered.

All of us had a lip smacking lunch that day, not to mention a hearty laugh when I explained to them what had transpired.

I then showed them the Tiny Owl app which is available for Android and iOS Users.

It was a wonderful Sunday afternoon well spent with family and a great lesson learnt for life:

“If I would ever plan to invite anyone for dining at my home, I will ensure, to check and order on Tiny Owl first and then, may be then, give cooking using YouTube as an experiment!”

Hope you had fun reading this. I know I did being a part of it.

Have a wonderful weekend ahead.

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Be Well

Ananth V

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