What happens at a Mind map training session hosted by the best in the industry

What happens at a Mind map training session hosted by the best in the industry ~ Well, you learn and you grow further!

I had recently attended a session of Mr.Dharmendra Rai (thanks to a generous invite from Margot Borden, who is a renowned integral psychotherapist and a well known executive coach).

Dharmendra Rai and Ananth V Mumbai Mind Map Trainer
Dharmendra Rai and Ananth V

This event was held in Nariman point in Mumbai. It included wonderful ideas, strategies on marketing, sales, human connect, understanding consumer requirements, presenting solutions, pricing, mind map training, etc.

Mr.Dharmendra Rai is Mumbai’s first Mind Map Trainer who was declared a “Genius” by Tony Buzan.

The workshop seminar that day was followed by presentations from eminent speakers like Mr.Dharmendra Rai himself, Mr.Rishi Gangoly, Ms.Priti Gupta, Mr.Shabbar Sheerazi and Mr.Pavan Bhattad. (Links to their website shared at the end of this post).

Mr.Rai’s workshop discussed brilliant approaches based on real life case studies, marketing and sales scenarios of corporate, examples including teachings and snippet stories from the greats like Robert Cialdini where he discussed about reciprocation of work and the way to respond or seize an opportunity, for eg. when someone does a favor and the receiver expresses their gratitude, how do you turn that into a window of opportunity.

Dharmendra Rai
Dharmendra Rai

He discussed some universal principles like “reciprocity, authority, scarcity, consistency, liking, consensus” and shared another insightful example of an actual case study where the effect and impact of pricing, change in pricing from free to a cost and also the concept of “freemium” and how it works differently for different types of industries, countries and products.

Mind Map Training Mumbai workshop

Mr.Rai then elaborately discussed another case study that explained the concept of “hospitality mints” or the use of candy to increase restaurant tipping and how these scenarios can be incorporated into our daily lives, both for personal and professional growth. In this: Two studies were conducted to evaluate the impact of this gesture on the tip percentages received by servers. Study 1 found that customers who received a small piece of chocolate along with the check tipped more than did customers who received no candy. Study 2 found that tips varied with the amount of the candy given to the customers as well as with the manner in which it was offered. You can read the entire case study from Cornell here: (PDF Link) – http://scholarship.sha.cornell.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1129&context=articles

Mind Map Training Mumbai workshop

He then introduced a topic about how does one make a prospect “see what you can see.” This lead to a series of discussions, videos about concepts such as:

  • Invisible selling
  • Psychology and selling
  • Gratification for your brand ambassadors
  • Ethics and social behavior

Further in this session he explained the concept of consumers responses and reactions to pricing with the popular case study of Hershey’s and Lindt chocolates. I loved this one!

Mind Map Training Mumbai workshop

I don’t want to reveal too much of what I learnt or what the workshop was about, but they were wonderful and insightful for sure.

One thing is sure, the learning curve never ends!

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Be Well

Ananth V

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