Choked by a Crab!!!

Choked by a Crab – Interpretation of Dreams: Most read this week: Re-post from a very old Blog!

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For a friend: Interpreting dreams!
Choked by a crab

What happens when you dream that you are being choked by a crab? Nothing, you get up, have a glass of water and go back to sleep again.
Normally it is said that when you dream of something like the one above, it shows that there is very less connection between your mind and your heart and you act on impulses. It means you have emotions that have been suppressed for long and you need to be more open with your feelings and express yourself. And as for crabs, they represent tenacity, meaning you might be too clingy and stubborn with something and not ready to let go off that.
Does interpreting dreams have something to do with our way of life in the society? No. But dreams and dreaming about things mean a lot and have a prominent place in…

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