Companion app , never walk home alone

Companion app , never walk home alone

Companion app
Companion app

With the ever increasing ‘need for safety’, especially for women in the past few years, there have been scores of apps that have come to the aid. But very few have had the desired impact or assurance of safety. 

But recently, an app that caught my attention was the “Companion App”.

It focuses on the core issues as under: When you are:

  • Walking to your home, alone at night
  • Wishing, someone was right there with you on those lonely streets
  • When you feel eerie or a chill as if someone is following you and there is no sight of anyone around you in the middle of the road

So, when you feel anxious and as you nervously keep looking over your shoulder, just hoping to safely get home, you might want to download this app before you walk out adventurously the next time.

Some resourceful links:


companion app women safety


Disclaimer: I am not advertising this app nor is this a sponsored post. I saw it online and felt this might be of use as an additional support. Hence sharing this as an article post. Each one of us is responsible for our own safety and needless to say, whoever is using this app or any such app, always needs to ensure not to take any risks or venture into such situations in the first place. In extreme situations, ensure to have someone with you at all times, talk to someone you know, make arrangements for your loved ones to pick you up if possible in advance. No app can assure you complete security or safety, let alone virtual ones. But, I loved this app personally, since it addresses lots of issues that are serious concerns for those stuck in such situations. This app is not an actual or the exact solution for safety when you are out there, it just increases your levels of safety by informing your loved ones at the dire time of need and also, keeps checking on you while you walk down the streets alone. This post is just an informative post and not meant to encourage you to download the app or test run it in any such circumstances and neither do I accept any such responsibility for the features and or safety of this app. In case of queries, best advised solution is to check with the makers of the app itself (links shared above)


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Ananth V

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