Missionaries of Charity

Single is not a status, it is a phase or a period of one’s life or even a self-made Choice

– How many couples are happy together and can give a happy home to their children?
– How many Parents have been a good father and a great mother to their children?
– How many COUPLES or PARENTS have dropped their new-born babies at the doorsteps of such charities?

GENERALIZING and stating SINGLE’s cannot adopt because of their ‘relationship status’ is ridiculous!

Do a thorough background check of any individual or couple before giving for adoption?

Also, would like to know whether before receiving support, help, donations etc all these years, did they run a background check whether the person helping their missionaries of charity was belonging to ‘The LGBT community or a SINGLE individual’? 

If the only reason why ‘Missionaries of Charity‘ will not support giving adoption to SINGLES is because of their ‘status’, then I will no longer associate any of my activities or support with them.

Discriminating people because of their gender, color, race, relationship and or social status etc is just plain wrong! 

Sad day indeed!

MOTHER TERESA was a SINGLE Mother…. how can that be forgotten?

If you judge people, you have no time to love them ~ Mother Teresa!


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