Women Safety app First Immediate Response FIR and ICE – Mumbai Police

Women Safety app First Immediate Response FIR and ICE – Mumbai Police

I recently came across two APPS that look very promising in terms of WOMEN SAFETY, so thought of sharing the same with all of you.

Women safety has been a growing concern over the years and if technology can add any support to ease the pressure and help women get better or added safety, then why not….

  1. FIR – Thane Rural Police – First Immediate Response (F.I.R)
FIR APP women safety
FIR APP women safety
FIR APP women safety
FIR APP women safety

About the App:In case of any emergency you can use FIR app. FIR app will send user’s Geo-location (using GPS of mobile device) to the Control Room of Mira Bhayander Police on a single click of help button.

APP LINK HERE https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aakarsoft.followme&hl=en

Check out the related video on how this app works:

2. ICE – Mumbai Police – KPMG in India

Mumbai ce

women safety ice Mumbai Police
women safety ice Mumbai Police

APP LINK HERE https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kpmg.emag.app&hl=en

About the app:Emergency situations can arise unannounced and with impunity. The Law Enforcement and Emergency Response Agencies are able to react and contain the losses only upon their arrival on the scene. However, when emergency strikes, if we are aware of emergency response procedures as first responders then we can not only minimize the impact but also build resilience around our communities. ICE Mumbai police APP.


If you have come across any such apps or if you would like to share feedback about these apps or about your experiences, do share your views and comments. Would love to hear from you.

Have a safe travel. 

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Be Well

Ananth V

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR of this post:
Do note: I am not connected with either of these apps in any manner and neither is this a sponsored post. I found these links online and thought they could be resourceful and hence sharing the same. In case you have queries on how the app works on with anything to do with the apps features or issues or positive or any form of feedback, please check the original app creators link shared in one of the comments in this post itself as we are not involved with the app and neither are we in any way connected with the creator of the app.

Have a great day ahead.

33 thoughts on “Women Safety app First Immediate Response FIR and ICE – Mumbai Police

      1. Sir there is no reply from harsh sharma i want this fir app in my cell phone from next month i want to travell all over india for marketing

      2. Hello Hina,

        I also have dropped in a message, I think Harsh is not very active online. Also, since you have re-posted the query, I went to the site and could not find an app for IOS of this application, I think they have designed it only for android users, I am not sure though. Anyway, hope you have a safe travel and do check out meanwhile if there are any apps that allow you may be to send emergency messages to your loved ones and those in the nearby area may be. Stay safe and travel safe. Regards Ananth

      1. Yes,I understand. I too have tried reaching the said individual, be he does not seem to respond. Do check out if there are any other such apps available that can help you with the same. Have a safe travel ahead.

    1. Hi Durvesh

      Did you submit it by mistake, then please ensure you have informed the local authorities or see if there is an option to mention that it was by mistake and or try reaching https://www.facebook.com/ananthv9/posts/662932857076512 and the person who has created this app is “Harsh Sharma” so do reach him. I have just shared this post since I found this app to be innovative. I am in no way connected with this app or the developer of the app. Regards Ananth.

  1. I just wanted to know if this app will be available for users all over India ?? Since it saying Mumbai and Thane only

    1. Hello Mary,

      Not sure but you can check with the app owners. I just shared the post since I found it interesting and thought might be useful. Regards and have a great week.

    1. In the comments section, we have given details / links of the individual who has created the app, you can try reaching out to them if they have a solution or in case we come across any such app, we will update that too in this blog. Have a nice day and thanks for sharing your comments.

    1. Hi, I just saw this app and thought of writing about it. In the comments section, there are links through which users can reach the app creators and ask questions directly to them as I am not aware of the same. Have a nice day. Regards, Ananth.

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