Smartphone technology, for the Technocrats in you

We are living in a world where even living in the moment is getting difficult, things are so fast paced.

The first thing that comes to the mind today of a father who is looking at his newborn is to click a selfie with the mother and child and immediately share it online. A granddaughter who records a video when she meets her grandparents after years and sends it to her parents living abroad. A young couple on their long drives who don’t want to miss clicking a single pose when they visit romantic spots and capture that memory for a lifetime. Finally, the ever energetic youth of today, who share and express their emotions about the latest news, events in the form of video posts, blog posts across multiple sites filled with relevant information, pictures for people to consume and share and all of it in a moments time.


All the above are some of the proudest and extremely innovative, loving and sometimes even inspiring moments that gets created, shared, across sites today by just using a smartphone with an internet connection.

I recently met the Founder of PicArts, Eric Edge and he shared an interesting statistic:

“44% Millennial’s today use camera & videos daily but 78% of them use it to create social media content ~ PicsArt: Eric Edge”

Wow, that was a mind blowing piece of information. It showcases the importance the youth of today have placed on the power of being heard, seen and listened to.

Today, India is seen as one of the biggest markets for smartphone and technology consumption. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg was recently in India and he too agreed how important a market the youth of India are today.


Every day we hear real life stories of how a little kid or a teenage girl in a remote district in India are using the power of internet & smartphone to create amazing things & collaborate within their small groups to learn.

The power of smarthphone in their hands has broken down barriers and transcended divisions by welcoming them to the world of information. Education is no longer as telecom giant’s are bringing high speed internet, 3G and 4G networks to almost every nook and corner in the world.

Not only is the youth of today using internet to grow, learn and reach their dreams but the power of apps from YouTube, vine etc using high speed internet has also added tremendous value for people from across the country to bring together peers and friends for noble causes.

Revolutions to show one’s support to fight injustice, create emergency blood drives and so much more is now possible just with a click on the smartphone. With higher end smartphones, internet 3G & 4G services, power of the all new Octa core coupled with power and ease of use with OS such as android M, powerful camera’s which shoot breathtaking memories, etc have not only become more empowered with technology but these smartphones today have truly broken down the distance barrier.


Parents and loved ones stay connected with each other, not just through messaging or emails but through LIVE Video exchange and video calls with one another in a jiff.

It’s a world of Technocrats today and the best part is that, this is no longer restricted to just the youth as the power of sharing, caring and information have brought together people across age groups under one single dome.

Welcome to the world of smartphones powered by technology that’s creating a world of information for us to learn, connect and grow at blazing pace.

Be Well

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Ananth V

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