Five things that will ruin your successful social media campaign

Five things that will ruin your successful social media campaign

Lorenzo Quinn Lorenzo Quinn Italy Art
Lorenzo Quinn Italy Art

There are lot of aspects like planning, design, metrics, stakeholders requirements, brand’s needs, organizational goals etc which needs to be kept in mind while executing a social media campaign.

Let’s say you have taken into account all of the above, there are still chances that your social media marketing campaign will fail!

Five things that will ruin your successful social media campaign:

  • Taking feedback and help from Non-Professionals – Every field has scores of people ‘pretending to know about a particular subject’. Needless to say, this number is always high when it comes to technology and digital marketing per se. Why? Because, the general assumption is that, if I am using facebook and twitter then I know how to use it as a BRAND too! Many times, organizations end up listening to their old time employees, or friends, peers, relatives etc who have no clue about the technicalities and the thought that goes behind a ‘successful social media campaign’. These are the people who don’t understand the importance of –
  • Storytelling through a blog post
  • Value of keywords, metatags, SEO and the allied guidelines while posting on a site
  • Engagement and appeal
  • Value of metrics
  • Value of appropriate budgeting across different marketing channels
  • The thin line between selling and connecting

When a brand LISTENS to its ‘peer or colleagues’ only because they have been working together for a long time rather than pay heed to the professional agency hired to do their job, you can almost certainly guarantee that the campaign will fail.

So RULE NO 1 – It’s simple: Never hire or involve people who do not understand a particular industry to give you feedback and guidance about the same. Check out their credentials and their past work in the same field. It does not matter if that said authority is related to you or your family or friends, if he or she is not competent, don’t let them be a part of the campaign.

  • Mixing up digital marketing, social media marketing, ROI on marketing campaigns together: Each of these are separate tasks and process. They require different strategies. Don’t mix them up. Read: Difference between a Digital Marketing and a social media marketing campaign.
  • Hiring someone to upload automated Tweets and Posts: If you as a brand are going to take this step, it tells me how much you value your brand. You know what, I do not even wish to comment on this, because if you do not value your brand, no one else will.
  • Budgeting with massive gaps across mediums: You are promoting a product or a brand or a service online and also through traditional media. Wonderful, it’s always a wise decision to create a balance between channels while promoting. But, if you are among the clients who still budget as under: (Then there is a serious problem)
  • Budget for Digital Marketing – X
  • Budget for Traditional Media – 10X

You get what you pay for when it comes to digital marketing. In addition to fantastic efforts (We have won global awards, recognitions for our work and case studies on delivering “Actual SALES ROI” for our client brand partners over the past 5-6 years and we have generated $4,90,000+ i.e Rs.3.2 Crores (INR)+ worth of actual SALES for our clients – digital agency milestone) which social media and digital marketing deliver, you also get real-time ROI, metrics that you can track LIVE, actual statistics and relevant data that you can trust and make use of for your future campaign efforts with your social media marketing campaigns.

So make sure you understand and very clearly plan your budget.

  • Teams: Always ensure the teams working together for a marketing campaign (traditional and digital) are on the same page and understand that the focus is not which medium wins, but rather that the BRANDS and it’s consumers / customers win, every time! When that happens, the brand always wins.

Do you have questions on HOW TO DESIGN a Successful social media or digital marketing campaign for your Brand or Business?

Feel free to reach me here or know more about me here   or drop my Social media manager an email at his contact id

Also, if you have a shoe string budget and someone told you, you can get amazing results, guarantee of sales with it, free social media services, free trial campaigns for months etc since ‘online marketing is cheap’, please ask the same individual to do your marketing, do not contact me and in that case I wish you the very best of luck, because you will need loads of it.

Nothing that is valuable and delivers comes cheap! Having a successful relationship with your loved ones requires time and trust and on similar lines, delivering a successful campaign, requires trust and the right resources.

An honest and personal note from me:

I love working with brands and technology products and I am very serious when it comes to metrics, actual sales ROI, delivering results with my campaign strategies and ideas using social media marketing and digital marketing. So please reach me if you are serious about your BRAND’s value and reputation & are ready to listen to someone who can actually create the MAGIC for your Brand’s reach, engagement and metrics online and sincerely work on making it better each time. The real learning curve never ends.

Stay connected!

Be Well

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Ananth V

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