Google adwords: TOP Highlight post for the day


Google adwords: TOP Highlight post for the day

You can use AdWords to show ads on Google’s advertising networks –

  • The Google Search Network
  • The Google Display Network


What does Search Network do:

As the name itself suggests, this type of ads are useful if you have quick offers, or if you want to reach users “searching for you, especially in real-time” for eg. quick car services, home appliances repairs, florists, food home delivery etc, but then again, it would depend on what your brand goals are.

It includes Google Search, other Google sites such as shopping, non-Google search partner websites, shopping with ads that are matched to users search results.


  • Using Search network ads users can:
  • Show their text ads next to Google search results (Get a higher page ranking display with these ads for specific keywords and links on their website)
  • Get top visibility to prospects searching for specific keywords
  • What does Display Network do:
  • Do you recall those video ads on YouTube which appear while you are watching something, well, that would be an example of Google Display Network.
  • The Display Network basically includes Google websites, Google partner sites, mobile sites and Apps which show AdWords ads that are ‘matched to the content’ on a particular page of that website.
  • These type of ads are very useful if your goals are to:
  • Increase branding with a larger audience base with broad interests
  • Increase video or image views or your brand message across specific topics and specific group of customers or prospects
  • If you have rich media like images, videos etc

Types of AD FORMATS: To Read the complete post  – Click here – Google Adwords and some of its core features

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