Fitness running goal of 1,000 kms in 1 year for 2016

Fitness running goal of 1,000 kms in 1 year for 2016 has begun today

I love running and in 2014-2015 my goal was to run a total of 1,000 kms. I did that over a period of 20 months.

During those 20 months, I ran across multiple marathon events, running and fitness events, joined running buddies randomly across India even when I was traveling and the goal was clear and finally it happened.

During a running event in Mumbai I crossed the 1,000 km mark somewhere around June-July 2015.

But then, I got lazy and never really got back into running.

And in the past 5 months or so, I just kept giving excuses of work and travel and the fun part of ‘run’, simply skipped my mind and so did the joy of it, which slowly eluded me.

Today, I saw an old lady (she must have been easily around 80 years of age) running on the streets and as I cheered her on, she smiled and said, “don’t just stand there cheering me, come on, join in”.

Well, I just smiled and as I headed back to Mumbai, the thought kept running at the back of my head.

The memories from various marathon and running events flashed right in front of my eyes and I knew it.

I could hear myself saying, ‘My goal for 2016 is to run 1,000 kms in this 1 year’.

I think based on my recent “past break from running for about 4-5 months”, this goal is a little too ambitious, but hey, when you are thinking big, why not bigger, right?

Sure, but yes, then I got a nice boost from Christoph too on Twitter and few other twitter buddies (Akshay, Vikram) cheering me to start and take the first step today itself.






So as soon as I landed back in Mumbai today, I headed out with my running shoes and (just between you and me, could only manage a paced walk of about an hour today).

Below: I have posted a pic of me starting my fitness training today with few of the medals from my previous year’s running events. You know, just as a materialistic boost. 

Fitness Running Mumbai Ananth V
Fitness Running Mumbai Ananth V – Goal for 2016 1,000 Kms

But, hey, it’s a start. 

So thanks to my Twitter friends who cheered me on and I really hope I do finish my goal of 1,000 kms this year.

I even decided on a Hashtag for this #1000KmsRun16

I don’t know, what do you think?

Let me know your comments friends and yes, tips if any. 

Also, if you tweet me, do keep checking on me with #1000KmsRun16 if you can, just to keep a tab on me, if I am really on it or trying to skip it with excuses.

And at the end, when I really do finish my 1000 Kms, I will add all of your Top tweets in the blog post too, What say You? Help a friend out and cheer him on.

Will you?

I hope you do.

Keep Running Ananth V #1000KmsRun16
Keep Running Ananth V #1000KmsRun16

The human body has limitations. The human spirit is boundless ~ Dean Karnazes

Be Well

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