Learn Social media marketing, facebook ads, gamification for Brand ROI

Learn Social media marketing, facebook ads, gamification for Brand ROI

I will be conducting my 5th Workshop on Feb 6th 2016 in Mumbai on Social media marketing.

My recent (4th Workshop) which was a 2 Day event in Mumbai on Digital marketing and Social media saw over half MILLION impressions i.e. over 5 lac impressions of it’s conversations online: Click here to read: Social media digital marketing workshop in Mumbai by Ananth V)

Digital marketing social media workshop in Mumbai by Ananth V
Social Media Marketing Workshop

The upcoming workshop will be useful for Corporate Digital marketing professionals, Brand owners, Founder & CEO, Entrepreneurs and business professionals who would like to empower their Brand, blog, website or Organization using social media marketing techniques with strategies, process, etc using facebook ads, optimizing facebook ads for results & engaging conversations, integrate social media gamification as part of their social media marketing campaigns etc. 

What will you LEARN in this Social media marketing workshop in Mumbai: Here is a sneak preview:

  • What is social media marketing and what is ROI?:

Brands and brand owners generally have a perception that social media marketing and ROI is getting likes, or traffic or hits on blogs, followers etc. This social media marketing workshop is designed to break that myth and take you beyond mere likes and follows. We will be looking into case studies about actual ROI on sales using social media marketing. These case studies will be from my own award winning Digital Agency Techdivine Creative Services so as to give an actual and real industry example to the participants attending and learning in this social media workshop.

Learn social media marketing BRAND ROI by Ananth V award winning digital marketing professional in India
Social Media Marketing ROI
  • ROI ON Social Media Marketing – (What is important while designing a campaign – SOCIAL MEDIA for you as a BRAND or an organization today? How do you generate ROI for your Business using Social media?)
  • BRAND – What it means to the real world and how to HUMANIZE your Brand using Social media marketing.
  • Using Facebook as a BRAND Page – Posting, Communicating, moderating as a BRAND
  • Facebook ADS – Creating a Campaign and making it LIVE
  • Using Twitter as a BRAND Page and having real-time conversations with users, customers, prospects and brands
  • Mobile Marketing: Using Geo target based Location mobile marketing with Facebook Or Twitter: A Case study Example of Gamification apps and or process or techniques for Corporate Brands:

This part of the course was a very SPECIAL request from one of the participants. So I decided to add a preview of what could BRANDS do using GAMIFICATION. We will be looking into actual case study wherein we (as a digital agency – Techdivine) used mobile integrated geo-marketing to increase sales, event footfalls, etc by integrating social media with gamification for few of our client brand partners.

Geo marketing mobile gamification social media digital marketing by Ananth V
Gamification social media marketing

Geo marketing mobile gamification social media digital marketing by Ananth V

Other than that, we will also briefly discuss few Gamification social media techniques across the following industries: Retail, Education, Real-estate, Hotels and Restaurants, Educational and creative workshops, Institutions – Colleges and Universities,  Event management, Travel, Health and Wellness and Fitness industry.

  • Brief look into what is Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn from the eyes of an Organization or Business Founder or a Digital Marketer!
  • METRICS and Reports: What really matters today for you as a Business Owner or a Marketing Professional. A brief look inside Google Analytics, Twitter Metrics and Facebook Insights.
  • Hands-on experience: Creating a (workshop custom designed by the Trainer i.e. myself Ananth V) social media campaign using above techniques LIVE in the class in real-time as guided by the Trainer.
  • Q&A

So what are you waiting for?

No one will invest in your BRAND if you don’t! And a learning workshop course as this one, will be a wonderful addition as a valuable skill upgrade to your knowledge in the field of marketing and branding with real case study examples.

This workshop will be a wonderful interactive, engaging and learning experience for Professionals, Business owners, Corporate Marketing heads and Entrepreneurs who wish to empower their Brand using social media marketing.

Always remember, in life not everyone has the same priority as yours, so if your GOAL for 2016 is to build a power brand using social media, BOOK Your SEATS for this WORKSHOP NOW – Learn Social media marketing in MUMBAI.

The learning curve never ends!

Be Well

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Ananth V

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