1200 kids fed in Mumbai today, feeling grateful for this heartwarming experience

1200 kids fed in Mumbai today, feeling grateful for this heartwarming experience

1,200 kids were fed in Chembur Children care and Vatsalya Trust in Bhandup today by team Rudralaya and I am grateful for getting an opportunity to be a part of this heartwarming experience.


Rudralaya is the group started by one of the most, humble and knowledgeable Guru’s I have ever known, by Sri Y D N Iyer or (Y D N mama as I fondly used to call him) and after him, this legacy has been continued since 2000 by Sri V N Gopalakrishnan, Sri Venkatachalam and Sri Sethu Madhavan.

Last year, thanks to the Rudralaya group and under the guidance of Sri V N Gopalakrishnan and team Rudralaya, I had got an opportunity to be a part of an experience wherein a total of 1,200 kids were fed in Bhandup and Chembur. Click here to READ —> The ‘Annadhanam’ journey with the amazing members of Rudralaya from Mulund https://ananthv9.wordpress.com/2015/01/25/the-annadhanam-journey-with-the-amazing-members-of-rudralaya-from-mulund

This year again, today morning on 24th January 2016, I was part of that same group and we got the opportunity to serve these kids. This was for an orhphanage in Bhandup called Vatsalya Trust and for a Child care group in Chembur where there are destitute children and adults who are also unfortunately mentally and some of them even physically challenged.

The arrangements by Gopal mama and the Rudralaya team were again wonderfully done this year and we all left with the tempo/van that was ready with food to cater to all of these 1,200 kids.

This year around 25-30 people joined in (men and women) ready and geared up with this opportunity to serve.

Even though I have been to so many different similar places for the less priviledged over the past decade or so, this place in Chembur always shakes me to the core. To be a human being and live in such a mental state with so many problems, poverty, loneliness, etc is without a doubt one of the most disturbing ordeals.

As per their routine, these kids and adults, started having their food only after saying a loud and cheerful THANK YOU in their own way to all of us who were serving this food to them, which was followed by a prayer.

This never ceases to surprise me. It was unbelievable!

Each time, I see these children across so many trusts and NGO’s, I feel more and more grateful for what life has offered me in its own way. We all have our ups and downs, but this is, just too much to go through as human beings!

For any of you who plan to visit such places, (Which if you ever can, PLEASE DO), please find the exact address of the said TRUSTS: (Do note: I am not advertising or promoting these trusts nor am I associated with them. Its just that, I feel good everytime I get to be a part of many of these experiences, so thought of sharing it with all of you too.)

Vatsalya trust is in Bhandup east, closer towards Kanjur Marg Police staion (landmark DAV College), Mumbai.

Vatsalya Trust Bhandup

Vatsalya Trust Bhandup


Chembur Childrens care home is exactly opposite to Anushakti Nagar bus depot, Chembur, Mumbai.

CONTACT number: Mr.Paul – 02225511126


Hats off to those running these trusts and a kindhearted and sincere THANK YOU to the members of Rudralaya for being kind enough to invite me again this year to be a part of such an humbling and heartwarming experience.

I am thankful to my parents for giving me an upbringing and an environment where I got to meet such amazing human beings and as always, a special gratitude to Y D N mama for making this day truly possible by creating Rudralaya in the first place & to Gopal mama and his team members for making this a valuable and powerfully moving experience each year.

Service to others, is the rent you pay for your room here on earth ~ Muhammad Ali


Ananth V

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