Life is about making a fantastico impact driven by soulful energy

Life is about making a fantastico impact driven by soulful energy


We are often empowered by goals that we sometimes even superciliously achieve being driven by ambitions that are generally materialistic.

Well, we wouldn’t want to blame ourselves for this now, would we? Why? Because, when we look all around us, we see success stories, conglomerates and even start-ups filled to the brim with big numbers, news about who made their first billion, entrepreneurial spirit focusing on being the next BIG name in the industry etc at times which many a times knowingly or otherwise tend to become integral part of our lives.

Which is why, navigating our lives every now and then with soulful bliss and with an effort to make a positive impact for those around us; for the truly less fortunate, goes a long way.

For almost a decade now, I have been fortunate to be a part of many groups, associations, NGO’s etc which also focus on the ‘real-success’ in life, which is self-realization, by being able to provide a helping hand to those who literally live each day with almost no hope.

I am talking about adults, kids, infants who have been left brusquely by their own families or much worse, abandoned at a very early age in a way which surfaces to those around, qualities of loathsomeness in them and this again percolates deep into the society’s general living conditions.

I met someone recently who was discussing about ‘not being able to be helpful’ or ‘cannot arrange for hundreds or thousands of kids to be fed”, “income issues” or the fact that “not everyone has money” etc as one among the many reasons why many people are unable to help, i.e. those who want to help the less privileged, but can’t because of many of the above reasons.

I agreed to some extent, but I shared some simple pointers with the said individual, which seemed to have impacted him and few of his friends who have now started doing it (points I have shared below) on  a regular basis.

Some quick pointers to be able to help those less fortunate even if we do not have the immense wealth and for that matter, generous heart like those of the philanthropic greats like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Ratan Tata, Oprah, Azim Premji etc.

  1. If you can’t feed a hundred, feed just one: I love this quote of Mother Teresa and have been practicing this since decades. Every time I enjoy a scrumptious meal, may be at a restaurant or even at home, the same day or within the next 24 hours, I ensure to give few or even just one packet of food to the needy. There is no dearth of people looking for food (unfortunately) every single day. Food donations do not have to be in hundreds or thousands. Do it one person at a time, few times a week or month, etc. It’s as simple as buying a packet of biscuit, a loaf of bread, a banana, few rotis, a packet of idli, anything you can buy and simply hand it over to someone sitting in the street; a hungry child, an old lady or may be even a crippled man and just walk away. Whatever their conditions are, they are on the street, you have a home that you can go to!

  2. A family friend, who is in his late sixties told me recently that he was gathering clothes so that he can give it to a charity group in a couple of weeks. It was a great idea, but I told him an even simpler idea. I said, it’s January, it’s cold, go out, just hand over a sweater or a blanket to someone sitting in the cold ‘right now’. You can always collect many clothes and give it to charity. But, now, is when they need it the most!

  3. A friend of mine was talking about how the new technological developments in automobiles have made lives so simple for driving and reaching unknown locations. Yes, I love it. I am a big fan of these apps and gadgets. Plus, I am not very good with directions so these GPS and google maps etc have made my life so easy and saved me a lot of time. But, here is another thing that we can do as individuals. Why not become a ‘navigation‘ yourself and guide the “at-riskkids and teens by joining a group that encourages ‘your time’ and valuable words of ‘wisdom’.

  1. Even in the dark rooms you are guided by what you KNOW about the room”: This quote is so true. If you have some spare time, try going and reading to kids at orphanages or even slums across Mumbai where there are NGO’s who help you arrange for these things too. May be your reading might not make someone a CEO or a successful human being (Which is unfortunately how the society views and measures success), but I am sure, those few hours of your time will bring about a feeling of ‘hope’ and it may be resonate in one of the kids minds in that group that may be, just may be, reading and learning is good and dropping out of school is not. Because, when we know something about a particular topic or place, it adds comfort to pursue and explore it further. It reassures our faith!

  2. Share a SMILE, everyone we know is fighting a tough battle within: Most of us have pain, pressures, problems and tough challenges that we face everyday in our lives. Some, more difficult and tougher than the others. Strangely, this aspect, I guess is true for more than 90% of the people in this world. One of the easiest things we could do is, share a smile with someone you know who needs it more than you do. During my runs or walks, when I am with my soliloquies (thanks to bluetooth and earphones, people who have seen me run or walk ‘talking’ have often assumed that I am on the phone with someone. The day they realize, most of those times, I am with my own thoughts, they are going to for sure ask me, ‘are you crazy?’). On a much more serious note, I sometimes go deep into thoughts and experiences of the day or the previous day and during those times, I remember vividly of how someone treated me, spoke to me, smiled at me may be; because those are emotions that are powerful and impact profoundly the way we go ahead with the rest of the day. Smile goes a long way. Of course, it helps if you have dimples like I do, (just kidding) but do smile anyway. Smile is a curve that can set most of the problems of our lives straight.

Remember, at the end of the day, life is about making a fantastico impact driven by soulful energy.

So go ahead, make a difference.


Be Well

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9 thoughts on “Life is about making a fantastico impact driven by soulful energy

  1. Ananth

    It is a wonderful article which hits the nail on the head.
    Simple sharing to brighten people’s life in a small personal way. Nothing grand!

    Sharing your personal experience adds to the message

    There is no better time than “NOW”, esp for good will/helping others. Helping young ones/old people by sparing one’s personal time is the greatest gift you can give them. In my own personal experience, I have seen a wave of Joy/ belonging/ feeling of being cared among the elderly during my old age home visit every month. We spend ONLY 2 hours a month. That is all it takes for the elderly to be happy. Same would be true for children/teens as you have projected. More than the time, it is your effort to reach out, which will touch their hearts!

    “Smile is a curve that can set most of the problems of our lives straight.” – I cannot put it any better than that

    Ananth, Keep smiling and God Bless

    1. Very true Shyam. Thank you for your personal views on this. It is inspiring to note your empathy towards the elderly. More people coming forward and doing something, would do wonders slowly for the entire world. Thanks again for your comments and views and most importantly, sharing your experiences too. Have a good day brother. Regards Ananth.

  2. Very astute observations on all the points. You make a very good point when you quote, “If you can’t feed a hundred, feed just one”. This is a simple ideology which can make a difference to someone’s life. Thanks for sharing and motivating others to do a bit more for society!

    1. Thanks Ravi for your comments and views. Yes, sometimes we also tend to focus on just one or two people or just with those associations with whom we are comfortable or familiar with. But when we travel and see the plight across, it makes us quiver and at the same time, gives us an option to find out more ways to make a difference to a larger group. Thanks again! Regards Ananth.

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