Impact of travelling across Rome with music, navigation app and a peppy spirit

Impact of travelling across Rome with music, navigation app and a peppy spirit

navigation, app, peppy ROME TRAVEL
Navigation, app, peppy spirit ROME TRAVEL

As a frequent traveler across country and cities for work, it’s a sheer bonus to be able to visit a place that has been on your cherished list of “Travel places to visit”. Such was my euphoria when I found out that I was about to visit Rome.

Although I visited quite a few places in Italy, Rome was without a doubt my most favourite and cherished travel experience.

Many of my friends and peers who have visited Italy followed by Rome, Venice etc have always complained about food, travel safety, communication problems etc

This has not only made them too conscious about the place of visit but at times even taken out the fantastico fun they could have had at these breathtaking locations.

So I thought of sharing some pointers, guidelines that helped me when I was in Italy (I am mainly going to share in this post about “Things to do and have fun doing it while in ROME”)

  • Firstly, be very clear on ‘when’ you plan to visit:

The best time to visit Rome is during October to April since majority of the Tourist crowds have dissipated and you get some wonderful deals on your hotel rooms. The weather is cold and during November, it rains heavily, so plan your clothing gear accordingly. If you enjoy warm weather, then visit during May or September.

I visited during November and the weather was simply fantastico. When I landed in Rome, it was night time and it was slightly drizzling. Later that night, there was heavy rains and yet Rome looked stunning.

– The Night Tour of ROME:

Yes, there are hundreds of tours one could plan in Rome with its scores of visual spectacles all around this gorgeous city. But, if you ask me, I would say, the most amazing thing to see here is the NIGHT tour of Rome. I can tell you with complete honesty that to view the mighty Colosseum accompanied by the rains which then slowly settled in that night when I had landed was simply breathtaking. The streets glimmered with rains that had just stopped, the stupendous Colosseo was inviting tourists with its glaring glory coupled with it’s generous creatively lit lights and with it’s magnitude of sheer awesomeness. The impact of being able to see one of the most amazing wonders of the world in that fashion simply takes your breath away.

Night tour of Rome Ananth V
Night tour of Rome Ananth V
  • Day time Tours:

Well, the only thing that could come close to being Fantastico to the “Rome by Night” tour is the tour during the day, but make sure to take a master tour guide to these places: (They charge more for special guided tours, but if you love art and historical places even half as much as I do, taking an expert guide will be worth it also, make sure to include special pass and tickets to DETAILED tours of INSIDE the Colosseo, Vaticano, Pantheon, Basilica etc).

  • Trevi Fountain (Fontana di Trevi) – A beautiful place and hey, you could toss a coin and see if your wish comes true here. This place is splendid.
  • Roman Forum – It is situated between Piazza Venezia and the mighty Colosseum and is an amazing archaeological site.
  • St. Peter’s Square – A perfect place filled with stories that go beyond centuries. A great spot for those long documentary videos, family pictures and lots of selfies.
  • Colosseum – The ColosseoRead about it here
  • The Vatican CityVaticano – The headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church and home to the pope. This place is a treasure and a sight for sore eyes as it takes you through some of the most amazing stories from centuries ago through it’s spectacular art works, murals and sculptures from the true Masters of art.
  • St. Peter’s Basilica – is the world’s largest Church. To be precise, an Italian Renaissance church in the Vatican City and the papal enclave within the city of Rome.
  • Pantheon – Roman temple dedicated to all the gods of pagan Rome. Don’t miss the Pantheon dome. The oculus is the main source of natural light and the visual will stun you!
  • Vatican Museums – This is one place where you would regret blinking because there is so much beauty and so little time. You need a ticket, a special ticket to go inside some of the very special spots within the museum, if you can, do get it, I did!
  • Sistine Chapel – The Cappella Magna, the site of the Papal conclave, filled with frescos that decorate the interior, and most particularly the Sistine Chapel ceiling and The Last Judgment by Michelangelo. This place takes its name from Pope Sixtus IV. Designed by a team of Renaissance painters that included Sandro Botticelli, Pietro Perugino, Pinturicchio, Domenico Ghirlandaio and Cosimo Roselli. Then, under the patronage of Pope Julius II, Michelangelo, the master himself, painted the Sistine Chapel ceiling. A real masterpiece. The southern wall is decorated with the Stories of Moses, painted in 1481–1482. The northern wall houses the Stories of Jesus, dating to 1481–1482. Eastern Wall: Resurrection of Christ with Michelangelo’s frescoes: The creation of Adam and it’s story. The Ceiling, one of a kind – The painted area is about 40 m long by 13 m wide. This means that Michelangelo painted well over 5,000 square feet of frescoes.
  • Palantine Hill
  • Piazza Navona
  • Capitoline Hilld
  • Piazza Venezia
  • Arch of Constantine
  • Santa Maria della Vittoria (Angel’s and Demon’s)
ROMA, Ananth V Tour of ROME
ROMA, Ananth V Tour of ROME

Well, I could go on and on, so it’s better if you visited these places yourself. I love ROME!

  • Food and Drinks: Well, I don’t drink, so the latter sadly does not apply to me nor could I give any pointers on the same. But the food, oh wow, the food! I had a blast for the three days that I was in ROME. Being a Vegetarian, I was told it would be very difficult to find food that I could enjoy. On the contrary, I got some amazingly delicious food and lunch options. One thing that you could do if you have enough time is keep the address of the place secure with you (i.e. The hotel where you are staying with important and emergency contact numbers, get a local sim card for making phone calls too if possible) and then simply wander and roam in Rome. I literally wandered through the streets of ROME in broad daylight, learnt a lot about the warmth of the people, saw some amazing architectural spectacles, checked out tons of new spots through this gorgeous city. I went into the restaurants and (greeted them in their local language with a mild tone and voice, shared a smile) and enquired about veg food. Each of these restaurants were very helpful as they explained what they could offer and even shared some useful guides of where I could find food that I would enjoy to my taste, liking and based on my choice of these items.I had the most authentic Pizza’s, Calzone, etc and few more of their local cuisines which we rave about in any other country. I could not get enough of the delicious Calzone and Lasagna. They made special ‘made-to-order’ items for me for the lunch and dinner to be purely vegetarian (not include meat or any form of sea food), they cooked it with spinach, potatoes, tomatoes, cottage cheese, broccoli, beans etc and each item was scrumptious. So a big advice when it comes to food is that, explore and enquire and you will find some of the most amazing dining options available. Also, eating sitting out facing the streets in a restaurant is worth the extra price you pay for it, because the view in Rome is simply amazing.
Rome FOOD Roma Calzone, Pizza and more
Rome FOOD Roma Calzone, Pizza and more
  • Safety:
    • Safety wrt Travel:This place is a visual treat for anyone from anywhere across the globe. So its bound to have its stories about tourists getting robbed or their passports getting stolen etc. But, honestly, which city does not have that threat? Anyway, one thing you could do is carry a waist-band pouch to ensure safety of your valuables while touring and at all times, keep your mind alert. Especially when you enter crowded spots like the Sistine Chapel, Colosseo, St. Peter’s Square etc.
    • Safety for health:Do not indulge in things that you might be even remotely allergic to. Its never worth spending a day or two sick anywhere, but especially in a city as beautiful as Rome. Be very careful of what you eat, what suits you etc. I was extra careful when it came to water. I only had bottled water everywhere (except for when I was heading to the Roman Forum: I saw a water pipe that was still working and running and was 5 centuries old. It was too tempting not to try drinking water from it. I did, not advisable though. Luckily nothing happened to me, but be careful.) I don’t drink so did not have to bother about wine or other stuff affecting my health, but food items, if they sound new to you, enquire about them with the locals and if its generally considered a safe dish to consume by tourists who are trying it for the first time. You will be surprised by the warmth of the people in Rome who go out of their way to explain things and help you out.
  • Language and culture: When in ROME, be a ROMAN ~ This quote, is in every way perfect and precise for this tour. Learning few words, local language slangs, with proper pronunciation goes a long way. Remember, you could be asking for The Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore and the person guiding you might know it only as (Italian pronunciation:ˈsanta maˈriːa madˈdʒoːre). The way the locals speak in Italy is like poetry and they repeat the words a lot. It’s beautiful to hear and the people in general are very warm, peppy, caring and friendly.  

ROME Tour Ananth V Italy Travel

  • Navigation: I downloaded two apps, one ROME city guide and the other ROMA map which helped me navigate around the streets of Rome and at the same time be sure of where I wanted to get to and yes, of course, get back to (my hotel room).
  • Music: Rome and music go hand in hand. There is music everywhere. But if you can register on Spotify or similar music sites and purchase some really cool tunes on your phone (local music and popular in that city) would be a great treat for your ears as you visit these amazing places.

I traveled through ROME for these 3 days coupled with my peppy spirit, curiosity for this amazing place and for the sheer love of ROMA, it was an amazingly fun, safe and a truly memorable experience.

Copyrights Ananth V ~ ROMA
Ananth V Colosseum ROME
ROME Colosseum Copyrights Ananth V

I thought of sharing this guideline in a creative way while describing to the extent possible in words that could try and encompass the sheer magnitude of beauty this city has to offer.

I hope you had fun reading it and found it useful.

Do share some of your favorite travel experiences and pictures with me here, would love to read it.

Be Well

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Do a thorough check with your travel executive or your sought after Travel tour company to get precise details, instructions, travel plans etc. This is not an advertisement to visit Rome or the places mentioned above and neither can I be held responsible for any such decisions from your end. I have shared this post just to be able to share my wonderful and fun experiences during my Italy Travel and in that process may be give some pointers if that helps those travelling in any way. I hope you have a lot of fun if you visit this place, I surely did!


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