Impact of Smart Cities of India launched by PM Narendra Modi #SmartCities

Impact of Smart Cities of India launched by PM Narendra Modi #SmartCities


SMART CITIES MISSION –  Ministry of Urban Development – Government of India

SmartCities Logo

SmartCities Logo Smart City
SmartCities Logo

Generally, the term Smart Cities is commonly used to refer to ‘knowledge infrastructure’ created in cities for the residents of those cities. These would be aspects that would impact positively by enriching and improving the quality of their lives. It is also commonly referred to as ‘digital city’ or even ‘connected cities’.

Now, coming back to INDIA: The Smart Cities mission was launched by PM Narendra Modi. Through this mission, they have planned to provide a central funding of Rs 48,000 crore to those chosen cities with the idea of empowering their infrastructure through application of better technology and e-governance. 

Smart City

SRC:Ministry of Urban Development


The list of the first 20 chosen SmartCities was just announced by 

4 capitals,12 states: India’s top 20 in numbers via

I have shared my Tweet on the same with pictures via NDTV


Smart City SmartCities India PM Narendra Modi
Smart City SmartCities

Smart City SmartCities India PM Narendra Modi

Smart City SmartCities India PM Narendra Modi

Brief details about these first 20 SmartCities:

  • In terms of population, these 20 cities account for 3.54 crore people
  • These cities will be developed to have basic infrastructure through assured water and power supply, sanitation and solid waste management, efficient urban mobility and public transport, IT connectivity, e-governance and citizen participation.

Note Source shared below: Ministry of Urban Development

“Smart Cities are those that are able to attract investments and experts & professionals. Good quality infrastructure, simple and transparent online business and public services processes that make it easy to practice one’s profession or to establish an enterprise and run it efficiently without any bureaucratic hassles are essential features of a citizen centric and investor-friendly smart city”

  • Why do we need SmartCities?
    Estimate suggests that nearly 600 million of Indians will be living in cities by 2030 (the Current stats are 290 million as reported in the 2001 census). 


SRC: Ministry of Urban Development

Few examples of SmartCities:

  • In Bangalore, Cisco is working to set up a smart grid-based Education City, where all the utilities will be integrated with data.
  • Kochi has a special economic zone that seeks to replicate Dubai’s smart city project.

Few interesting articles, Downloads, Statistics and news Source, Image source, References, Related NEWS links:


With a successful launch of this mission, we could see:

  • Better Sanitation facilities
  • Better navigation guidance with IT connectivity
  • Lot better connectivity
  • Solar power
  • Cleaner city
  • Clean Energy
  • Better infrastructure

are few of the things the citizens of this wonderful nation are discussing across Twitter #SmartCities

What IMPACT do you feel this new mission could bring about?

Do share your comments with me here.

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