Facebook ads, Twitter and gamification to empower your Business impact

Facebook ads, Twitter and gamification to empower your Business impact

Upcoming businesses, start-ups, brands and even established organizations today seem to be asking the following question when it comes to the digital world of marketing and advertising:

“What process and digital tools should we as a company adapt to get best results by integrating marketing and advertising for our Business?”

Using Facebook as a BRAND Page for marketing

With over 1.6 Billion users online, you definitely cannot ignore this platform. 

Few simple tips to get you started with your Facebook page content posting:

  • Have a Content POSTING Calendar
    – News about your company
    – News about related industries
    – Tips, guides and value-add for readers
    – Your Products and offers
    – Fun and engaging conversations, polls, questions, quiz, contest etc.
  • Blog post updates
  • Use LINKS, Videos, Images and Text updates as part of your posts (Mix and match)
  • Do not use Hashtags like you would for Twitter. But integrate them every once in a while for RELEVANT Trending Topics
  • Facebook Insights: Use facebook insight metrics to understand the analytics that will help you get a clear idea about: Best times to post for your readers, which type of post works best, etc
  • Encourage and add incentives for your facebook fans to Like, re-share, Review and rate your product, brand and services – But do that in a creative way that will add some incentives and gratification for users who do the same. Remember, “Sharing is Caring”

Using Facebook ADS to increase brand, reach, engagement and ROI: ADVERTISING

facebook ads for business facebook ads for business

Few of the things (among the many features) that you can do with your Facebook ADS:

  • Create Location based target marketing ads on facebook for maximum Impact:
    • You can use Facebook’s powerful ad marketing tool to focus your ad and to reach only across a specific target or location based audiences.
  • Use Demographics with respect to:
    • Age groups
    • Male-female
    • and also use facebook ads to further zero in based on users interests, likes, habits online for eg. frequent facebook ad users, online purchaser etc.
  • Promote your videos
    • Hint: Create small video clips for better impact. Smaller clips work best since the user attention span in general and particularly online is constantly dropping due to information overload.
  • Promote your Reviews, Testimonials, User feedback of your products and services to the right audiences
  • Create CALL TO ACTION Ads in the form of BUY NOW, Book Now etc for immediate response and engagement:
    • Here ensure that your ad, creative, text, offers etc exactly match your final destination url or landing page.
  • Drive traffic to your website:
    • Create engaging images, resourceful slideshows to showcase features of your websites or content to give users a glimpse of what they could expect. Here again, ensure you give a detailed description of WHY you believe your site stands out from your competitors. This adds lot of value in differentiating your promotions from similar ads.
  • Use media rich content: As in videos or High Res images for your ads:
    • Also, to avoid getting disapproved, ensure your IMAGE creative meets the Facebook guidelines. For eg. less than 20% of text on the image. Also, using words like facebook or trademark / copyright / patented words in your creative wrt facebook could get your ad disapproved too.

Twitter for increasing Brand impact and Business ROI:

Few tips to use Twitter as a BRAND and sound genuine, be genuine, build trust, connect and engagement:

  • Use the right LOGO of your company when using Twitter as a BRAND. Do not try to jazz it up. This will be your face, identity, so ensure it is the right one.
  • Create the correct Twitter handle which is YOUR BRAND’s name.
    • Did you know: If you find another brand name (same or very similar to yours) on Twitter and if you have a TRADEMARK REGISTERED of your BRAND (which is approved and cleared) you could send a message to TWITTER and they will help you remove the impostors profile to protect your brand identity! Wow! Same goes for Facebook too.
  • Describe your Brand Twitter profile: Share a clear description about your company, its services and use the right set of Hashtags which will help users relate to “what your brand does and or stand for” very clearly.
  • Tweet about:
    • Your company’s news
    • Your organization’s products, services, achievements, awards, events, CSR etc
    • Value-add links, content, blog posts, videos from your company that your followers and prospects will find helpful.
    • Re-Tweet (after ensuring the profile sharing your content is genuine) users who tag your brand and share content about your brand from your own website and or from their website (in this case, ensure it is about your brand and not competitors). Sharing your brand ambassadors tweets on your corporate profile creates a tremendous validation and showcases great value for loyalty and support. It goes a long way in building a great connect.
  • Share content (which has nothing to do with your company) but those which your followers might be interested about and at the same time is not completely unrelated to your industry. 
  • If you see an interesting tweet from your follower, communicate, respond, react, show appreciation. It is a powerful way to create a real-time communication, engagement with users and at the same time PROVE and build TRUST that your company’s social profiles are not managed by BOTS but rather real people. It helps you HUMANIZE YOUR BRAND.
  • Respond to complaints, queries etc immediately. In the social media world, taking over 8 hours to respond to a message is like delaying over a week in the real world. Also, once you respond, ensure that your back-end team supports you by following up on that customer’s query.
  • Conduct Contests, Quiz, Polls, etc to make it engaging and interesting for users
  • Add an instant gratification for your brand ambassadors online.
  • Watch-out for Trolls and avoid and ignore them or block them if you are sure they are trolls. 
  • Do not block users who have genuine complaints and concerns. Follow-up on time, ensure their issues are resolved and your irate customer would most probably become your brand ambassador for life. 
  • Keep checking with your twitter analytics and keep track of what’s working, who are your top influencers and what could be done better.
  • Twitter is a great tool for keeping track of your brand mentions too!
  • Use Twitter hashtags the right way and for the right reasons.
Brand Mentions and conversations ananth V
Brand Mentions and conversations


Gamification is the concept of applying game mechanics, game design techniques, using Big Data and its core metrics which are relevant to your campaign goals to engage and motivate users to achieve RESULTS.

How can you as a BRAND make use of this process:

Gamification is a powerful tool for encouraging users to do MORE of a particular thing. For eg. Ensuring more footfalls in your restaurants, increased traffic to your website, increase in number of users visiting your shops, encouraging users to talk about your organization by sharing video clips, checking-in at your institutions, encouraging users to share your content, promote your product and all the while presenting them with real-time metrics of their PERFORMANCE in a fun and entertaining way with added incentives.

The proper use of Gamification technique and process can:

  • Help companies perform better in every way possible (that they can track and measure)
  • Drive higher and greater core ROI and business results
  • Give a massive competitive advantage
  • Increase brand and customer loyalty manifold
  • Increase brand purchases, brand service usage, product downloads etc and at the same time make the customer feel sincerely valued for his / her time, money and efforts. 
Gamification Ananth V Digital marketing Social media

Few simple ways of using and integrating gamification:

  • Build gamification dedicated apps
  • Conduct contests where users can track their progress and earn incentives
  • Conduct polls or encourage users to create content in line with your brand’s theme 
  • Mobile marketing: Integrating mobile marketing and gamification can empower your brand’s actual ROI in terms of leads, enquiries and sales with great impact.

There is a lot more you can do with gamification as a brand for both, increasing user engagement and brand ROI. These are just few of the examples of the same.

Hope you found these tips and guides resourceful.

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Do share your comments, queries and feedback on the same. 

Would love to hear from you.

Be Well

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