Happy Birthday FACEBOOK celebrating #FriendsDay and Fantastico facebook impact and facts

Happy Birthday FACEBOOK celebrating #FriendsDay & Fantastico facebook impact and facts


Wish you a very HAPPY 12th BIRTHDAY Facebook.

Without a doubt, the most viral Tech news today across the globe is of Facebook celebrating it’s 12th birthday with #FriendsDay

Facebook has affected our lives in ways which we did not think was possible.

This is probably the only site in the world, where even parents are actively connected and engaging with their kids online. There are powerful stories of how facebook has helped in reuniting lost family members and friends.

It has generated millions of business opportunities and has empowered people across the globe to connect, engage and interact with ease.

Facebook redefined the term LIKE which has today become one of the most powerful social currencies in the world!

Not only that,but also, today the power of FACEBOOK LIKE and the term itself has radically changed the way we perceive emotions and experiences either as a brand or even as individual users.


Facebook Like
Facebook Like

So, I thought of putting together some very interesting facts, product and service features about Facebook on this very special day:

  • Facebook is an online social networking service
  • Facebook is headquartered in Menlo Park, California.
  • Its website was launched on February 4, 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg

Its Subsidiaries are:

  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • Oculus VR ( I am personally most excited this part of their product / service)
  • PrivateCore
  • Facebook filed for an initial public offering on February 1, 2012. Held an initial public offering on May 17, 2012 at a share price of US$38. The company was valued at $104 billion, the largest valuation to date for a newly listed public company.
  • Facebook Inc. began selling stock to the public and trading on the NASDAQ on May 18, 2012.

Some services, products, functionalities and features which Facebook started with or still offers or is coming up with:

– Facebook Beta

– Facebook Notes

– Chat

– Gifts

– Marketplace

– Messaging

– Voice Calls

– Video calling

– Video Viewing

– Tor hidden service

– Revisions to User Profile / Timeline / Newsfeed


– Following

– Privacy Settings

Facebook Bluetooth Beacons (I feel, this could be an exciting new feature for brands that are able to cash-in)

Facebook bluetooth beacons
Facebook bluetooth beacons

Few more Power facts and Statistics about Facebook:

  • Facebook today has over 1.5 Billion Users.
  • Al Pacino was the first “face” on Facebook.
  • Asia Pacific is the largest among Facebook users with over 449 million.
  • Facebook shares have climbed more than 42% in the last year. It has a market cap of around $313 billion (£218bn).
  • Every second there are 20,000 people on Facebook.
  • You can change your language to pirate on the site. To do it, go into “Account”, followed by “Settings” and then “Languages” where you can select “English (Pirate)”.
  • On an average there are 486,183 users a minute accessing Facebook from their mobile.
  • There are over 745 million daily mobile users.
  • One billion people reached on a single day on Facebook – Active Users – Epic!
  • 79% of all users are accessing Facebook from their mobile.
  • Facebook is primarily blue because Mark Zuckerberg suffers red-green color blindness
  • Facebook is adding 7,246 people every 15 minutes or 8 per second
  • At just 31 years old, Zuckerberg is the sixth richest person in the world
  • The “Like” button was originally meant to be called “Awesome
  • Every minute there are 150,000 messages sent
  • Smartphone users check Facebook 14 times a day
  • The number of average daily Facebook likes is a massive 4.5 billion
  • Every 15 minutes there are over 49 million posts or 3 million posts per minute
  • Every minute, 1.8 million new “likes” are made on Facebook
  • The number of photos uploaded on FB every minute isan incredible 243,055
  • There are 500,000 Facebook “likes” every minute
  • Facebook earns $2.5 billion a quarter from mobile advertising
  • Users spend 21 minutes per day on average on Facebook
  • 66% of all millennials (15-34 year olds) use Facebook
  • There are 1 billion mobile app links enabled on Facebook
Al Pacino Face of Facebook
Al Pacino Face of Facebook


facebook stats

1 Billion WhatsApp users
1 Billion WhatsApp users

Image,News, Facts, Stats Source:

What do you Love the most about this amazing site?

Were there any statistics, products or features of facebook that you had heard for the first time today, do share!

Do share your views and comments, would love to hear from you.


Be Well

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