How did you celebrate your Fantastico 12th Birthday of Facebook on #FriendsDay

How did you celebrate your Fantastico 12th Birthday of Facebook on #FriendsDay

#FriendsDay Ananth
#FriendsDay Ananth

I did it by sharing my evening time by meeting few of my old friends.

And when I say, meeting, I actually mean going and physically meeting them.

Thanks to these memory pop-ups of pictures and videos from Facebook on #FriendsDay few of us got nostalgic and called each other up to catch-up.

I had a blast recollecting memories, few amazingly inspiring and extremely funny and nostalgic moments and so much more.

We did so many different things:

  • Greeted each other with our nicknames
  • Shouted-out funny quotes in a way which brought back memories of how we remembered few of our mischievous friends
  • Recollected some of the funniest and quirkiest people from our past
  • Had fun with even the people in the same restaurant where we met (not in an obnoxious way though)
  • Missed some really wonderful friends
  • Re-lived freak-out sessions that we had back in the college days
  • Drove around the city for a few miles
  • Called-up few of our friends on Speaker phone mode and had a lovely evening

The entire evening and this wonderfully refreshing experience reminded me of this lovely quote:

#FriendsDay Ananth V Happy Birthday Facebook

I have learned that to be with those I like is enough ~ Walt Whitman

It is true, isn’t it?

To be with those I like” funny how the word “LIKE” cropped up here too as we discuss Facebook’s 12th Birthday and it’s celebration through #FriendsDay

We do so many things in our lives; run around chasing almost everything that is within our grasp and ‘create goals’ for those which aren’t, but the ones we would like to get hold of.

Sometimes in the chaotic rubble and race of life, we forget to enjoy these small and little things, which in reality matter the most in our lives.

Those moments which make us smile even when we are left in our state of soliloquies.

Friendship is a strange bond!

Some people say, they have quite a few friends, some have a very small group of closely knit friends, but I can honestly say, I am lucky enough to have so many friends who have shown their support, morale boost, shared laughter, joys and so much more with me over the years. THANK YOU! My sincere GRATITUDE!

So, THANK YOU, each and everyone, for being a part of my life.

These rare and joyous moments are the one’s I place on the pedestal of my thoughts!

I had a blast today, I hope you did too.

Finally, I came back home and created my FriendsDay video too!

In case you are wondering how to create your video:

Just use this link here >>>

Here is my #FriendsDay video sharing some amazingly loving memories.


So, how did you celebrate yours?

Do share your “FriendsDay” video link or may be some of the moments with me here too!

Have an awesome day ahead.


Be Well

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Ananth V


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