Fantastico impact, interaction from participants at social media marketing workshop

Fantastico impact, interaction from participants at social media marketing workshop

Learn social media digital marketing courses Ananth V Mumbai
Social Media Marketing Workshop event Ananth V Mumbai

I recently conducted my 5th Social media marketing workshop and training event in Mumbai and thanks to the wonderful response, feedback and queries shared by the participants attending the workshop, it truly was a fantastico experience of growing together.

We had participants from the following industries:

  • Intellectual Properties – Trademark, Patenting, Copyrights etc
  • Legal services
  • Hosting and Website design services
  • Home Decor and Interior Customization – Commercials and Residential
  • Public Relations and Social media Professional
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Content marketing and Social Media professional

Based on the participants wonderful feedback, responses, suggestions, we have put together BRIEF highlights so that everyone could benefit from this workshop.

Learn social media marketing workshop in Mumbai: These are highlights of the social media workshop event conducted in Mumbai by our award winning digital marketing CEO, Mr.Ananth V.

Through these slides, you can get an idea of what was discussed:
Some core topics:
What is Social media marketing – HUMANIZE your BRAND
– What is social media marketing ROI
– What is a BRAND: From the Consumers point of view
– Impact of BRAND in real-time conversations
– How to approach consumers as a BRAND in today’s fast paced world
Facebook Marketing and Facebook ADS – Hands-on experience
– Creating a LIVE Facebook ad using its core features: Hands-on experience
– What are Facebook Bluetooth beacons and how can participants use it across different industries
– Using Twitter – Hands-on experience
Gamification: Process, tools, strategies and techniques
– Gamification ideas from the perspective of the participants industries
Case study examples across Hotel, Retail, Travel for ROI generation and Actual issues faced by participants across their industries and a look into the same to create IMPACT using Social media marketing
– Foursquare and few other apps and their case study scenarios: How to use geo targeted campaigns today across industries!
– Facebook insights, Google analytics, Twitter metrics – Brief intro
– Brief look into what is Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and approaching them not as a User but as an Organization!
– Detailed Valuable feedback to participants with respect to their industry related queries and marketing strategies and approach
– Q & A


Be Well

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Ananth V

The Learning curve never ends!


6 thoughts on “Fantastico impact, interaction from participants at social media marketing workshop

  1. Hello Ananth.

    Thanks for this detailed post. Looks like a great session. I would like to attend it when I am in Mumbai some day soon.
    Your ppt was very useful. Especially, about Branding, Facebook bluetooth beacons and rules to follow for gamification. Very innovative strategies. Usually training events and workshops only concentrate on tools, but you have got into the core and details behind planning a campaign. I loved that. Though would have been better if we could see the slides where you have mentioned “was discussed in the workshop too” 😛 just kidding thanks.
    Have a query, not sure if this is the right platform to ask? Would mean a lot if you could help out though.

    I run two boutiques (make-up and bridal wear) in Mumbai and Hyderabad. I have not gone online since I feel it requires lot of strategies and planning. Could you give me a few tips to get started for eg. what could I focus on etc. Just few pointers.

    Parul S

    1. Hi Parul,
      Thank you very much for the kind words.
      Yes, I try to keep my workshops on digital marketing and Social media as interactive with industry based scenarios as possible. Of course, with workshops that extend over 1 day, we get to cover more insights and a much more details case study analysis with step-by-step process. But in the case of 1 day workshops, I focus on issues that participants and their industries usually face so that they get good value from the same. Obviously, with more time, we get to cover a lot more with 2 and 3 day workshops.
      About your Boutique:
      1) You could plan starting by asking yourself: What is it that you need to achieve with this social media marketing. Have a clear goal when you start with.
      2) Since you have two boutiques, you could find a way to bring users feedback and reviews about your boutiques by giving them options to write about your Brand and business on Facebook etc. You could offer incentives to do the same to your customers.
      3) Try sharing non-business related stuff for eg. health and wellness, healthy lifestyle related or fashion related or exotic travel location related posts and information from your end across a Blog of your business or your social page (which you can start with). This helps in establishing the fact that you are sincerely out there to add great value to your customers and prospects.
      4) TRUST is a powerful and extremely loyal quality to acquire as a brand. If you can build that, it would go a long way.
      5) You can also conduct contests and ask users from across your branches to share their makeover pics and award the most creative pics etc.
      Do note: These are just my views. A proper social media and digital marketing strategy and plan requires a thorough understanding of Your brand, your services and your end users choices and interests too.
      So ensure to do the required research and work on it on a daily basis.
      Yes, would be wonderful to have you attend my workshop. If you are in Mumbai, you could check out my upcoming Digital marketing and Social media workshop course too in March: Link here

      Have a great day
      Be Well

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