5 twitter tips to make you a trustworthy fantastico power brand

5 twitter tips to make you a trustworthy fantastico power brand

Humanize your Brand with TWITTER
Humanize your Brand with TWITTER

Whether you are a Digital Marketing professional, a Social media influencer, a start-up setting up your brand profile and twitter handle or an individual user simply curious about this platform these five twitter tips would definitely add value, impact to make you a fantastico power brand on this social networking platform.

1) Humanize your Brand humanize your brand twitter

2) Understand your audience humanize your brand twitter

3) Measure your metrics humanize your brand twitter 

4) Acknowledge & Value-add humanize your brand twitter

5) New & interesting content humanize your brand twitter

Now, let’s have a detailed look at each of the points:

1) Humanize Your Brand:

– The first thing you need to ensure is that your profile picture is not that of an “egg pic”. You know, the default ‘egg face’. 

twitter egg

Now in case you are not very comfortable sharing your own profile picture, that is completely understandable. But in that case make sure there is ‘some picture’ added to your twitter handle. If you are a BRAND, the most sensible thing would be to add your BRAND name or Logo as your profile picture. And yes, it is always advisable to tweet using different profiles, one for your Brand or Company and one for you as an individual. 

– Adding your real picture and name would definitely add tremendous impact and trust.

– Adding a detailed profile description. Edit your profile on Twitter from your Profile settings. Write about your likes, what you love doing, professional expertise, your human side and hobbies etc. Use hashtags across core keywords and phrases that you would like to be a part of across PROFILE searches on twitter. Be creative since there is a limitation to the text that you can add here.

– If you have a website, add the url.

– Now, when you share your tweets, make sure they are not always just tweets with links or images etc. Have a conversation every now and then with users who follow you or whom you follow.

2) Understand your audience:

– This is important if you are an individual using Twitter but CORE if you are using Twitter as a Marketing professional or as an Organization.

– Understanding your audience, what type of content do they generally discuss or what news information or article would peak their interest etc. goes a long way as a Brand.

– Understanding your end users is an important part of planning your content across these social platforms too. This will help you create a social media calendar that can be diversified with information that is more than just about your products, services and brand. You can add content about topics which would interest them as users online and also about content that might be remotely connected to your brand and or your followers in some way but not necessarily about your own company.

– These points will ensure that your audience not only LISTENS to your BRAND’s conversations with interest, but also values the information shared from your end. In addition to this, it will also empower your brand as someone who cares and is interesting among the million other profiles online.

– Also, as a BRAND – From time to time, ensure that you listen to your customers and competitors but at the same time also LISTEN to your own BRAND’s voice too. For eg. Looking at how your end users respond to your brand’s tweets, will tell you a lot about your audiences.

3) Measure your metrics:

We are living in a world where everything, well, almost everything can be quantified. So make sure to make good use of Twitter’s analytics tool to help you measure your brand’s tweets, your content’s reach, engagement, impact and most importantly, understand the ROI by integrating with call to action (CTA) links with tools and process as part of your social media strategy.

4) Acknowledge and value-add:

There is so much of information overload today that it is becoming virtually impossible to read through the clutter. Now let’s take a simple scenario. You are at a party and there are hundreds of people all around you. Now would people who are going on and on catch your attention or someone who is courteous and sincere?

Many users and brands make a BIG MISTAKE at this juncture. For eg. They will tag you when they would like you to read about them, but completely ignore you all the other time, especially when you tag them for a reciprocation. Now, it’s not always possible to Re-tweet content from others (especially if you are a brand and that too just because they have tagged you) but in that case, make sure you at least hit the LIKE button. Shows a sense of mutual respect. At the same time, do not make it a habit to tag everyone across multiple tweets. Give users some time to miss you too! Also, some users do not respond at all to their tweets, DM etc simply because they might feel awkward or not really know what to say to the other person when they have received a tag or a DM (direct message). Well, you have lots of emoticons and symbols today to cut through the silence when you have no words to express but feel an obligation to do so or would simply and sincerely acknowledge that you have read the message. Remember, it will be a lot less awkward to respond may be with a simple emoticon rather than pretend that you have not read their DM or Tweet or Tag or conversation. It’s a social site, to connect and grow mutually, to network with each other, so as a user if you do not connect, acknowledge and value-add, then you are in the wrong platform and medium. It’s basic courtesy to do so. Dead-air is always a bad sign, whether in real life face to face conversations or virtual ones! Most importantly, if you are a BRAND, reciprocate in some way or the other especially if the conversation is of a genuine query or a concern expressed from your prospects or followers.

5) New and interesting content:

The power of technology and the pace at which it is evolving has ensured that the world today has shrunk into a global village. With that, there is so much of news, reports, articles, updates across industries happening all around you. Make sure the content you share is interesting and new. For eg. You are more than welcome to share the same articles, posts, videos and links as a brand or a social media digital marketing professional or even as an individual user, but ensure it is not repeated at frequent intervals during the same day. Use varied intervals to re-share your content, use newer images, share with relevant but different hashtags and spread it across different time-zones. Most importantly, ensure it is not just about your PRODUCTS and SERVICES all the time.

Twitter is a powerful medium to reach out to users on the go.

It’s a creative platform to say a lot using very little.

There is really so much more you could do with twitter as a brand or a marketing professional or even as an individual user today.

Empower yourself as a Brand with this wonderful platform and have a powerful, fantastico, resourceful and valuable connect with your end users.

How do you Use TWITTER?

Do share some interesting ways in which you have used Twitter.

Feel free to drop in your twitter Handle with me here, would love to connect and engage!

Be Well

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Ananth V


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  1. Thanks for these useful tips Ananth. I have recently got on to the Twitter bandwagon and this should come very handy. My Twitter handle is @Chaitali07

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