6 Years of my #DigitalAgency #Entrepreneurship Happy Birthday @Techdivine @YourSMQ

6 Years of my #DigitalAgency #Entrepreneurship Happy Birthday @Techdivine @YourSMQ

Today, March 2nd 2016, marks the 6th year of my Digital Agency Techdivine Creative Services and of my entrepreneurship journey.

Both, “Techdivine” & “YourSMQ” are Registered Brands under which various digital marketing and social media services are delivered.

Techdivine Creative Services Digital agency
Techdivine Creative Services
Your SMQ
Your SMQ Social media quotient

This journey for me began after almost a decade of work experience across various and wonderful corporate brands.

In the past 6 Years, as a digital agency, we have catered to over 37+ Clients across 5 Countries (India, USA, UK, Australia & UAE), across 19 different industries and won 3 Global Recognition’s (Milestones)

social-media-agencies-in-Mumbai Techdivine Digital Agency Ananth V
Happy 6th Birthday Techdivine


Most importantly, the learning in these six years has been an amazingly unbelievable experience.

I don’t know what the future holds and I have had my fair share of welcoming surprises and anxiously debilitating shocks through these six years, but there is one thing that is certain…. “The Learning Curve never ends“.

I just want to THANK each and every one of you (Our clients, brand partners, family, friends, peers, colleagues, those who are a part of this journey today and those who have been a part of this journey at some point of time with me) a very sincere and humbling THANK YOU.

pablo (5) 

Whatever the future holds, I am certain, your wishes and support will make it an amazingly worthwhile journey!

You can visit us in this journey across our Digital Agency Milestones here too:

Be Well

Ananth V

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3 thoughts on “6 Years of my #DigitalAgency #Entrepreneurship Happy Birthday @Techdivine @YourSMQ

  1. Hey heartiest congratulations! May God Bless you with Hu choicest blessings & you go on to celebrate jubilees !😊

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