7 Quick guides as a BRAND or a Digital Marketing Professional

7 Quick guides as a BRAND or a Digital Marketing Professional

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1) Make sure you have Something IMPORTANT to SAY & Only then SHARE or Tweet or Blog – Not for the sake of doing it!
2) Don’t be Obtrusive: Be Valuable
3) Don’t interrupt – Rather, build a connect with a conversation that is resourceful, fun & interesting
4) Don’t be part of the NOISE clutter: Keep your BRAND identity intact
5) The Greatest SOCIAL MEDIA STORY comes from the CUSTOMERS, not from the BRAND
6) Do not IGNORE Feedback from Your customers. Our research at our Digital agency TECHDIVINE shows, the Best Customer is someone whose queries or concerns are sincerely attended to. They become your BRAND ambassadors for LIFE.
7) Use tools, platforms based on what your Target Customers are comfortable using, not just because everyone seems to be online here.


What are your quick guides that you follow as a Digital marketer today?

Do Share your comments, would love to hear from you.

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Be Well

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