Education that will transcend across divisions globally

Education that will transcend across divisions globally

Today, the world has shrunk into a global village.
With technology evolving rapidly across the globe, it has broken down cultural barriers and transcended across divisions. With that, the youth of today, have the power to dream about a life that their earlier generation could not possibly even fathom. Everything is about “being and going global”.
This has enabled us to dream a journey for ourselves that questions traditions that we have followed for generations. The problems then the younger generation face is about direction. What to do, which way to go? This seems to be a growing concern.
I am reminded of this quote from Bruce Lee:

pablo (5)
So yes, it is not enough if we know the how but it is core to know, how to make use of the same, i.e. if we plan to make an impact in today’s world.

With rising competition and growing pressures of accomplishing something beyond the ‘easy’, we need an education system which focuses on many of these aspects. Which is why, when I went through the offerings from S PJAIN, I found them to be in sync with the needs of the world of today.

SP Jain MBA management

Here are few aspects which I feel, the education of today needs to focus on:

Diversified skills: Business professionals need to be ready to take up roles across divisions. Today, as a growing professional, one cannot afford to limit themselves or restrict one’s understanding of an industry. Expanding the mind and taking up better responsibilities will enable us to achieve several organisational objectives. This will happen only when the Curriculum focuses on such learning.

Connect with the Real-world: It’s time to move out of textbooks and focus on going beyond the traditional learning methods and techniques. Today, the need is more to focus on real-world aspects of business that will empower our thinking, upgrade our skills and global intelligence and of course, enable us to take and think strategically from stakeholders, customers, business and brand’s point of view, all at the same time.

Problem-solving: An educational system that will help us learn through real problem solving techniques rather than just theories and concepts. When students learn what’s really out there, it not only prepares them for similar scenarios, but also expands their minds to think “What more can they be prepared for”.

Effective communication: The first rule today is to connect with your audiences. Whether you are a brand or a marketer or anybody else, being able to clearly communicate is a powerful way to deal with situations. It is not only crucial as an organization, but is very important for professional growth too.

SP Jain Management

Networking and connecting with the real world: The right type of education today needs to focus not only on knowledge, but also on industry practices, the right connect and discussions that will catapult careers by reaching out to top recruiters, Alumni placements, and faculties from the industry and for e.g. the Tri-City Model from S P Jain.

Innovative thinking: Everything can be developed, well almost and with the right set of tools and guidance, the things that are important can very well be learnt. That is easier said than done, but, today, the educational system needs to ensure to mould these young minds to face the industries of tomorrow, guide and encourage them to really apply and open their minds, “think out of the box” and “be innovative”.

So it is core today to get an education from an institution that not only has globally renowned Rankings, but also provides an executive education with an actual global exposure with blended learning process that nurtures and strengthens the minds of business and industry professionals of tomorrow.

The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows ~ Sydney J. Harris

Keep learning, the learning curve never ends!

Be Well

Ananth V

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