5 steps: Creating a balanced and targeted digital marketing campaign

5 steps: Creating a balanced and targeted digital marketing campaign

Socialmedia digital marketing Ananth V
Social Media Digital Marketing

The best ideas start as conversations. Jonathan Ive

Digital is the way to go, there are no two ways about it.

Are there specific processes, guides to follow to ensure a perfect social media or digital marketing campaign?

Well, honestly, no! But yes, there are for sure specific strategies, proven research techniques, tested results, case studies and core process with tools that brands today can “keep in mind” while planning, designing, implementing, measuring and improvising their digital marketing campaigns across targeted users today for best results.

Here are 5 steps that can empower brands in creating a balanced and targeted digital marketing campaign:

  1. Goals: I cannot stress on this aspect enough. Irrespective of the industry and demographics or even country you are working with, the first and foremost thing to do when you plan a digital marketing campaign is focus on the goals from the campaign.


Digital marketing goals ananth v
Digital marketing goals

Because, the moment your goals for the social media campaigns are clear, you get a vivid picture of the content marketing strategy, social networking platforms and so much more. But not just any “goals”: As a brand when you define goals, they need to be both:

  • Realistic
  • and Specific

For eg. If as a brand your target sales is X per quarter, then your additional growth expectation could or should be probably X + 25%X or X + 35% X depending on the duration, product pricing and the budget of the campaign. Many a times brands fail at their goals while implementing social media campaigns because they end up designing unrealistic goals with poor deadlines and planning, which at the end backfires for the brand. So instead, be realistic and focus on specific goals for eg. Increase in sales by 25% in the first quarter using social media, increase in brand engagement by 65% in the first month, increase in lead generation by 35% with a minimum of X% conversion during the first three months of the campaign etc.

Such specific and realistic goals with deadlines will definitely catapult your social media and digital marketing success rate by a massive percentage.

  1. Content Marketing: We have read this over and over again across blogs, sites, forums, books etc that for a successful social media or digital marketing campaign (difference between digital marketing and social media marketing) one needs to have a clear content marketing strategy.But what exactly is “RELEVANT CONTENT”?

Is it content that is RELEVANT to:

  • Prospects
  • Customers
  • Readers
  • Online fans and followers
  • Stakeholders etc

So plan your content well. Focus on delivering value-add for end readers with your content.

It helps to build wonderful conversations and connect with users across the globe.

  1. Real-time conversations onlineSometimes brands go overboard with digital media. Either they end up being too friendly or too blasé about their conversations with end users online. This can backfire to great lengths. Brands need to be very clear on their brand image and at the same time be realistic on how the digital world perceives them online too. The balance here will help them not only promote, advertise and market but at the same time have power packed real-time brand engagement and conversations online which goes a long way.
  1. Business opportunities and personalized customer experiencesBigData and any other form of such customer metrics, social media analytics, brand conversations, social listening tools, sentiment analysis, consumer purchase feedback etc play a crucial role in today’s digital marketing strategies. For eg. The way customer interacts with the brand’s blog, or website while making a purchase, uses the app or actively engages with brands conversations online etc speaks multitude of the brand’s perception in the minds of the customers. Digital marketing and social media through powerfully measured, monitored metrics can pave a beautiful journey of these experiences with customers. For eg. Their responses, feedback, purchase decisions, dropping out of making purchases from their shopping carts at a specific stage etc can give brands a complete idea of what would make the prospects and customers journey with the brands a more fun, exciting, resourceful and time saving and most importantly, personalized to suit their needs and preferences.
  1. FeedbackLet’s say you have followed the above steps and have a power packed social media and digital marketing campaign in place online. Now customers are not only buying your products and services but also having conversations and sharing feedback about their brand experiences with your social media profiles. Here comes the most crucial part of this digital experience: ACKNOWLEDGE: Giving a valuable feedback to their responses is the only way customers will understand that their feedback truly means something to you as a brand. At the same time, simply acknowledging their feedback and not acting on it could backfire, for eg. If a customer has a serious concern and complaint with your brand’s service or feature and he or she has shared this with you, for which you have acknowledged that as a brand you will get this issue sorted out, but your back-end team fails to do so! Well, this is one of the worst things you could do today as a brand, i..e follow-up with your back-end team on your customer’s real-time feedback and ensure the same is resolved. Unless you work on the feedback, there is no point in collecting so much data.

Today we live in a world that is so fast paced, that even living in the moment is getting difficult. There is so much of information overload.

So ensure you use only that data which is important and relevant not only for your brand but most importantly, for your customers online.

Well, there are so many more aspects of digital marketing and social media that brands today can empower themselves with, but to start with, the ones shared above could be a powerful way to plan the same and get started.

Do share your feedback, comments and responses.

Would love to hear from you.

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