Who would be the right fit for your Organization’s Digital Marketing profile

Who would be the right fit for your Organization’s Digital Marketing profile

digital marketing professional

I have been travelling extensively across cities in India handling corporate training for Digital Marketing and Social media, designing and implementing ROI based Social media and digital marketing campaigns for my Digital agency’s clients across countries and industries, which is why the gap in between my previous post and this one.

The post I will be discussing in this blog article is very interesting and something that seems to be a concern across industries today.

Recently I was part of a seminar wherein few corporate heads across the country of some of the most reputed organizations came together to discuss a question that had been troubling their industry! They invited me to share my opinion on the same and probably see what I could suggest as a solution or what gaps could be filled in to ensure their companies digital teams function smoothly.

Some of the biggest question’s they all raised seem to revolve around this common query: Who would be the right fit for their Organization’s Digital Marketing profile?

It seems there are too many candidates joining across corporations in the field of digital marketing with lots of experience but majority of them have failed to deliver. This was a growing concern across many of these companies as they were paying top dollars and perks for these candidates joining them but when it came to implementation, there was a complete disarray of what was being planned and what was being achieved.

So 18 business and industry heads across 11 different organization’s met in Bangalore this week to share their mutual concern and were gracious enough to invite me to be a part of this business, candidate mapping and digital marketing profile concern and conversation’s.

The problems they were facing was not only costing these companies millions of dollars of money over the years, but also tremendous amount of time. They all shared their concerns and here are few highlights that were expressed:

Concerns and queries expressed by these Business and Industry heads:

  • (A) QUERY 1: Our company has hired someone with over 18 years experience in the field of advertising and marketing. The said professional had a very strong academic background from one of the most reputed institutions in the country and has an MBA from USA and with that over 15-18 years of relevant experience. But over the past 9-10 months, we have seen that there is a major disconnect in what that candidate had promised to deliver and his connect with his team members who are reporting to him. Also, it seems majority of the candidates reporting to him were constantly expressing their dissatisfaction with the said employee. Now our concern is that, this candidate has come with impeccable record, which is the reason we hired him to head our digital marketing and social media business. So what are we doing wrong? Do we need to train them in social media skills or upgrade their know-how of the staff in digital marketing?
  • (B)Query 2: We have a team of specialized professionals handling different functions and skill-sets across profiles. They are all handling it very well on their own and are delivering their KPA’s well and the person heading this team of 7 people is also very happy with their performance. But at the end of each quarter, when we see the results from these social media marketing, the KPA’s do not seem to deliver for us as an organization. So what is happening here? What could we do to boost their results in the right direction since they are all delivering their KPA’s but at the end it does not deliver for our company and our Social media Head and Digital Marketing head (both of whom are jointly heading this team) are perplexed. So we wanted to know what could we do to transcend this impact of their top KPA to our company’s expectations since there clearly is a mismatch.
  • (C) Query 3: The third query was a common concern across many of the teams assembled. They said, ‘We have tried bringing together different digital marketing experts and social media guru’s and with their help, give us solutions for a smooth digital marketing campaign for our institutions and corporate.’

In this case, it seems they were seeking help (not hiring or professionally paying these experts) to help them out with their social media and digital marketing concerns. Neither were they getting any timely replies or proper valuable suggestions from any of these candidates as a group or as a team or even one on one.

Well, there were many such queries that were discussed during the first four to five hours of this meeting and the reason I am sharing this (while keeping the names of the professionals and corporations completely confidential at all times) is because I understood that this could be a big concern among many industries across the globe today. Moreover, they are genuine concerns too!

So here are the highlights of my suggestions on the same. Do note: Other than what is recommended below, I have also offered personalized, custom consultation for these corporate brands over the next few weeks from my end, so what I am sharing below is not the final solution but rather a deeper look into the reality of these concerns:

Let’s start with (C) i.e. query number 3 first:

  • In this case it was very clear that these specific corporate and institutions were not making any monetary offers to these professionals for “HELPING”them out. Firstly, the moment you find someone calling themselves experts and or gurus in this field or any other, the first thing you need to do is get out of there. Every field develops fast, but the field of technology, digital marketing etc is extremely rapid. So every single day is a new learning experience. There could be no experts or guru’s rather people who have extensive experience in that relevant field across specific industries, countries using core strategies, process, tools etc. Secondly, unless you as an institution or an organization are compensating them monetarily, most probable chances are that either you are getting your “solutions” from someone who is not being contacted by anyone else for many number of reasons or probably he or she is not offering you the right solutions in all seriousness simply because for whatever reason you do not seem to value their knowledge, time and efforts. Which is why you probably do not see any results too. If you pay peanuts, you only get monkeys! Invest both your time and money across the right set of professionals and only then will you see results that are worthwhile. Nothing in this world, which is of value comes free in terms of business results! You get what you pay for!

In the case of (A) query number 1 now:

Well, first of all, this field of social media and digital marketing is a rather new entrant and is at a rapidly growing stage. So when you as an organization say you have hired someone with 18 years of relevant experience, the word ‘relevant’ here probably does not mean what you deem it to be! Which is why the team members specialized in their skills sets and professional areas of expertise do not seem to agree with this DIGITAL MARKETING Head. (AT this stage it is to be noted that I also had few details of the said candidate with me which was shared by this organization – again – completely confidential). Yes, they were correct, the candidate’s profile was exceptional, with the only problem being, the said professional did not have a blog, or a twitter account and had no clue about what the new features of adwords and or facebook ads could do. Now if you hire a candidate who does not himself or herself use these power tools and expect them to be able to communicate with the teams specialized in these tools and process, then the only thing I would like to say is “Good Luck”. Relevant and extensive experience is a very loosely used term among professionals and corporations and that too very frequently these days. It’s simple, if you want someone to help you build a team, division etc then you hire someone who has experience of actually doing it and not just on paper.

Hiring professionals who do not themselves use blogs and or other social networking profiles and to hire them to head business departments of digital marketing and social media is simply inexcusable!

So just because someone has 18+ years experience and an MBA from USA or any other reputed institution is not a reason to hire them as digital marketing head. Probable solution is to ask the said professional to get corporate training in digital marketing and social media and get trained so as to start using these tools (not just as an experience) but on a regular basis to truly understand what they can do for the company. That would be a great way to start now, wouldn’t it? This would also enable him or her to communicate with their teams much better.

Finally in the case of (B),query number 2:

Here, the solution was very simple. It was clear that each person handling their specialized profile was truly well structured, disciplined and organized in their own skill sets and had clearly defined their KPA’s too, which were being met. The simple solution was to rather than have each division set a KPA of their own, set one common GOAL as an organization in terms of KPA for your company to achieve “SPECIFIC results” and this goal to be the common yardstick across the teams to now design, plan and deliver with. This would also tell the teams about the gaps which each KPA is creating because of which there is a clear mismatch in what is expected and what could be done better.

Majority of the companies seem to be in a hurry to hire the Senior most management professional especially when they are building a corporate team for Digital marketing and social media today. My simple suggestion is, “DON’T”. Digital is the future, there are no two ways about it.

Don’t hire someone because they have more than one or two decades of work experience or have simply worked in marketing. See how much have they delivered in Digital marketing specifically. Understand whether they really use these skill sets themselves, because the points shared in books and what happens out there in the real world, majority of the times is very different.

Remember, “Youth is no guarantee of innovation and neither is age a guarantee of relevant experience”.


  1. When You hire someone to head your digital marketing and social media team: In addition to their credentials, academics, professional work experience, make sure they use these social networking sites, tools and process like blogging, twitter etc on a regular basis. It’s very easy to create strategies when you have no clue of how it works. Remember, nothing will work unless you do.
  2. Having core KPA’s are very good, but make sure when you put them together, the final result is the GOAL of your organization through those social media or digital marketing campaigns. 
  3. If you want to get things done for FREE, then you probably have no respect for your brand, product and or service and for the said professional from whom you are expecting free service anyway. So there’s nothing more to be added in this case! You pay peanuts, you get monkeys! 

digital marketing professional

Has your organization also faced such issues or have you as a professional yourself, been a part of teams that had lot of disconnect? If yes, how did you manage it and get out of it or what were the solutions that you worked out to deliver better and most importantly, “RELEVANT results”.

Do share your views, would love to hear from you.

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Ananth V


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