Designing a Digital Marketing Social media campaign for your Organization

Designing a Digital Marketing Social media campaign for your Organization

Are you planning to design a digital marketing social media campaign for your Brand, business or Organization?

Here are few tips and guides that will help you boost your campaign and assist you to launch the plan in the right trajectory right from the start!

RULE #1 – Move over Likes, Follows and Hits:

Have a clear goal in mind while designing your social media and digital marketing campaign. If you have a doubt whether actual ROI based goals can be achieved using social media and digital marketing campaigns, then I welcome you to go through our actual case studies from my award winning Digital Agency in Mumbai (Social media digital marketing case studies across industries and countries – B2B, B2C etc) – Click here

Having said that, it is natural to feel overwhelmed with options while planning a digital campaign for the very first time, since the tendency is to shift towards focusing on social networking platforms rather than the GOALS from your campaign.

Ensure that you plan more than merely increasing LIKES to your facebook page and Follows on your Twitter profile.

Remember, Social media is not about LIKES or Follows or Hits. It was, is and will always be about People. People buy from People they TRUST. Humanize Your Brand.

digital marketing case studies social media digital agency
digital marketing case studies social media digital agency

RULE #2 – Integrating SEO Organic and Paid ads ~ PPC – Pay Per Click campaigns

Yes, every other day we see posts about how ‘SEO is the most important thing’ or that ‘SEO is no more’. It is strange and ridiculous. Well, let me simplify it for you then!

SEO services Digital agency

Add appropriate tags, keywords, add titles and alt text to your website images, validate the HTML and use power packed SEO plugins. Fill your website with relevant images, valuable posts, blog articles, integrate social media feeds and updates from time to time and you will keep showing up on “Relevant and core keyword Search results online”. This would be the organic way of doing things. Which will always be important. Having said that, with millions and billions of web pages being searched and crawled by bots online, to ensure your website and posts show up on top of the search pages, it’s definitely a value-add if you can design and implement Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns for your core keywords from time to time too. You can use Google Adwords, Google Keyword tools for creating a powerful PPC campaign. You could also try using Facebook Ads for sending traffic to your website and or even core pages. While using PPC campaigns always ensure to check out their high end features which will allow you to further customize your ads as per your business and organizational goals. For eg. If you want your ads to show up for specific keywords or during specific videos or only across few locations (which can be further customized even by specifying zipcodes of the areas in which you wish to deliver or showcase your ads online eg. see reference image below), use these features and power-up your ads to reach across the right and focused audiences online based not only on location, but habits, preferences, likes, demographics etc.

PPC pay per click social media digital marketing campaigns
Facebook Ads, PPC campaigns, Google Adwords

RULE #3 – Blog Your Heart Out – Create a power packed Knowledge Resource Center (KRC):

The consumer of today, knows more about the Brand, than the brand itself

The above quote is very true, the reason being, information today is consumed in real-time. As in, the moment it is made available and shared across, it’s consumed at a rapid pace. Why? Because, consumers today are no longer looking out for “PAID ADS”. Rather, they would want their peers, friends and family to share ‘actual brand feedback & experiences’, since the TRUST here is much higher. 

Now, it’s not always easy to get feedback and get consumers to generate positive brand mentions and content online. While the focus for any brand should be for the above, there are few things brands can do to encourage users to ask questions about their products and services. But at the same time, it is the responsibility of brands today to ensure that the content generated by them is also a true value-add which will help prospects personalize, plan and most importantly understand the real use of these products and services. So, in other words, the focus should be on “BRAND Personalization” rather than merely selling. As in, focus should be on creating a resourceful knowledge resource center wherein consumers can get useful information and have a meaningful conversation with the brand itself. 

Blogs play a vital role. Blogging has a unique ability to transcend advertising messages in the form of a meaningful conversation and at the same time give your blog post or brand, a voice and a face that consumers can relate to and connect with. It is core for organization’s today to create a blog which will allow their consumers and prospects to engage with the brand for meaningful conversations and build the TRUST with them in the long run. (12 things to do with your Blog to build it into a brand ~ An interesting article to read)

RULE #4 – Measure your results on a daily basis:

Keep track of your campaigns by adding specific goals and track them on a daily basis to see if you are on track. Improvize, adapt, change and implement the campaigns based on the results you see and what you wish to achieve!

RULE #5 – Upgrade your skills, know-how on Digital marketing and social media on a regular basis. Attend customized Corporate Training “Digital marketing social media workshop courses” by best digital marketing professionals who constantly upgrade their skills, are in touch with the real industry needs, are focused on ROI based goals rather than merely websites and likes or tool etc and focus on case study based learning and live hands-on training. This will help you understand the newer aspects that will enable you to implement and measure your digital marketing campaigns more easily and most importantly, measure it against a deliverable goal during a well planned and reasonable timeline. 

There is so much more that you can do with digital today! 

Feel free to share your queries, feedback, comments and views on this. Would love to hear from you.

Have an amazing day ahead.

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Ananth V Entrepreneurs workshop

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